The Ultimate New Year Giveaway 2021

The Ultimate New Year Giveaway 2021

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The reward should be appropriate!

Date start: 18th of February 2022

Date end: 6th of April 2022

Type: Gleam giveaway


  • 1^st^: Macbook Air + 50,000 3air toknes
  • 2^nd^: 25,000 3air toknes
  • 3^rd^: 10,000 3air toknes
  • 4-100: 1,000 3air toknes

Link: https://bit.ly/3airgiveaway

Instructions: Complete the steps in the Gleam app to maximize your chances of winning. It is not necessary to complete all steps to enter. Check in daily for additional chances to win!! Each completed action gives you entry tickets to the prize draw.

Rules: Please check the rules inside the Gleam app.

The Ultimate presale giveaway

The reward should be appropriate!

That is why we are giving away a Macbook Air and lot’s of tokens. The previous giveaway was a great success and we made someone really happy with a new iPhone (once the token is out they will be even happier). This time we want to give out something that is more suitable to use for education and engaging with the blockchain. Complete the tasks and Win with 3air!


Check if you a winner! If you find yourself amongst winners, please send us an email on info@3air.io. We will not be contacting you from our side first to prevent scammers of taking advantage of this situation. This means if anyone contacts you first or if it’s not a reply to the email you send, do not provide any information as it is probably a scam attempt. That said let’s get to the results. Congratulations to all the winners!.

3air's Ultimate Presale Giveaway

We are so proud of you, 3air fam! This is all you… Thank you ❤



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