3air Weekly Update #3 - October 24, 2022

3air Weekly Update #3 - October 24, 2022

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$3AIR Token
Marketing & Community Update
Development Update

$3AIR Token

7 Day Low: $0.05816

7 Day High: $0.07103

7 Day Average Daily Trading Volume: $108,417

Marketing & Community Update

TokensFarm Liquidity Pool

3air launched its own Token Farm on TokensFarm.com! The Farm helps increase and facilitate liquidity for trading on Pancakeswap (BSC) through a BSC Liquidity Farm You can access our new Liquidity Pool here.

Yield Management with Michael Mildenberger, Yieldster

Did you miss our talk with Michael Mildenberger from Yieldster and 3air CEO Sandi Bitenc? Listen in on the recording of this Twitter Space to hear about what yield management is and how it is becoming more accessible for anyone to launch their own portfolio.

Weekly AMA

On last week’s AMA, Sandi Bitenc gave another market update, talked about our new liquidity pool and gave us more information on what’s happening on the ground in Sierra Leone. Listen to the recording here.

Digital Identity Series

Hot topic: digital identities. They’re becoming increasingly important in the world of Web 3 and are an integral part of what 3air will offer its users. Click here to read part one of our Digital Identity Series by Sandi Bitenc and learn more.

Development Update

Added staking calculator

We added a calculator on the Staking page to enable users to calculate predicted returns on their staked coins. The calculator uses live data about token price and pool rewards and displays computed data for 6 and 12 months. The data is also conveniently displayed in graph.

Added map page

We added new map page on which users can see where in Sierra Leone our internet towers are placed. Also shown on the map are the ranges of the respective transmission towers.

On the map, users can see base stations and access points (APs) and pick which nodes should be displayed. Both of these main options are further divided based on locations of the nodes. And for a better user experience, centering is also implemented, so that users can center the map on a particular tower if they click on its name.

Minor improvements

Some uncommon display resolutions needed fixes to lay all components out correctly, so now everyone can enjoy the same great user experience.

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