3air Weekly Update #6 - November 14, 2022

3air Weekly Update #6 - November 14, 2022

Table Of Contents

Token Updates
Marketing & Community Update
Development Update
UI and UX update

Token Updates

7 Day Low: $0.02835 \ 7 Day High: $0.04115

7 Day Average Daily Trading Volume: $190,942

Marketing & Community Update

ApeSwap on 3air’s Weekly AMA

Just after launching our token on ApeSwap, we were joined by Boba Jan, Business Development at ApeSwap. Together we discussed Liquidity Pools, Treasury Bills and how the current market conditions reflect on 3air.

Watch the replay

The state of Play and Earn with Katana Inu

On last week’s Twitter space, we spoke to Nighty Al from Katana Inu. Their game is one of the most promising Play and Earn games in the space, with high quality graphics and state of the art gameplay. Listen to our Twitter Space to hear about the current state of NFTs and earning mechanisms in gaming and more.

Tune in

Development Update

We just rolled out a massive update on the 3air app! The highly anticipated School connectivity NFTs feature is live, so you can purchase an NFTs that grants internet connectivity to schools in Sierra Leone and see them on a map! **** Go to app.3air.io to see all our new features live.

Updated coverage map

We added schools to our coverage map. A click on the school’s location on it’s page redirects you to the coverage map and then zooms and centers the map on the selected school.

Moved staking calculator to new page

We created a new page only for the staking calculator. We added navigation buttons to move between the staking page and the staking calculator for easier use.

UI and UX update

Updated design

Updated design of the app and also fixed some minor bugs to improve user experience on the site. We updated design to enable easier use on mobile devices. We fixed some known design issues and improved the looks of our app. We established a more uniform design through our app, which led to improved user experience.

Added arrows to navigate through items

We added simple arrows on pages for NFTs, Collections and Schools to easily navigate through available items. Clicking on a arrow takes you to the next or previous NFT, collection or school. Searching and exploring items in now much easier and faster.

New hamburger menu

We improved the main menu design and implemented a new hamburger style menu. With this feature the navigation throughout our application is faster and sleeker.

Speed optimization

We optimized our app to be faster and use less data. With this optimization our app is more reliable and uses fewer resources which makes it better and open to wider public.

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