3air Weekly Update #5 - November 07, 2022

3air Weekly Update #5 - November 07, 2022

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Token Updates
Marketing & Community Update
Development Update

Token Updates

7 Day Low: $0.04027

7 Day High: $0.06321

7 Day Average Daily Trading Volume: $232,790

Marketing & Community Update

LP and Treasury Bills launched on ApeSwap!

Last week, 3air launched its LP and Treasury Bills (TBills) on ApeSwap. TBills are innovative yield-generating NFT products that allow users to purchase tokens at a discount in exchange for their liquidity provider (LP) tokens. TBills offer a great sustainable way for projects, token holders and the community to align goals and earn rewards. Learn more about the launch and how to join here.

Blockchain for better education with George Hung, Coding Africa

How can blockchain change the way our youth are educated? George Hung from Coding Africa spoke to us about revolutionizing schools and education with blockchain in African countries. Listen to our Twitter Space with him to find out how they are already changing the game and building tomorrow’s global innovation hub in Web3.

Go to Space

3air partners with Ikigai Ventures and joins their company portfolio

We recently announced our partnership with Ikigai Ventures, the team of experts behind the world renowned AIBC Summit. Max Jones, Investment Associate at Ikigai, joined us to discuss the partnership and his views on the market and current trends. A must watch if you want to hear a take on Bitcoin price estimations from Sandi Bitenc as well!

Watch the replay

Digital Identity Series Continued

Our educational blog series on Digital Identity continues with Part 3: DIDs and Privacy. 3air CEO Sandi Bitenc shares ideas on the importance of privacy in the digital identity space, and ways in which it can be (mis-)used.

Read the article

Development Update

Two of the last five working days in October were public holidays in Slovenia, where most of our development team is based. But even with only three days of work, we managed to get a lot done!

3air’s team is working on building our app, and we were able to create various demo apps for a range of features we want to offer. The apps are not live yet, but you can get a glimpse of what lies ahead here.

Mobile DID Wallet

A lot of work was done on improving our DID mobile wallet prototype, improving its reliability and redesigning all components to conform to the latest 3air guidelines. The functionality was extended to support both DID demos. The app supports both iOS and Android.

DID Demo

Voting Demo application

We developed a demo voting application, showcasing how VCs, VPs and DID can be used to perform a vote, where everyone can verify the results in a 100% transparent way.

Driving demo application

Trust is good, but verification is better. Because of this our ride-share demo application proof of concept focuses on using the strenghts of DID, to enable users to share minimal information with other riders or drivers, but still have complete trust in our platform to help in case of unexpected trouble.

By simply scanning QR codes, everyone involved can be certain that everyone is verified on the platform and that no impersonation can happen, greatly increasing their confidence in using the service.

VC demo application

Our VC issue demo application has been updated, to support both the ride-share and voting demo, and restyled to a new look.

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