3air x Illuvium D1SKs Giveaway

3air x Illuvium D1SKs Giveaway

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3air x Illuvium D1SKs Giveaway
Results: (updated 24.03.2023)
What is Illuvium Beyond?

3air x Illuvium D1SKs Giveaway

3air is partnering with Illuvium yet again, this time for the launch of their new game Illuvium: Beyond, an exciting customisable collectible card game!

To celebrate the partnership we are doing sweepstakes for D1sks containing Illuvitars and accessories!


Date: Raffle will be open for 7 days and is set to go live on 6th March 2023 5PM — 13th March 2023, 5PM (UTC time)

Instructions: To join the raffle you need to complete all the steps required through link below:

  • https://gleam.io/RCgD7/illuvium-beyond-x-3-air-crypto-d1sk-sweepstakes

Complete Steps:

  • Follow 3air twitter
  • Follow Illuvium twitter
  • Visit Illuvium website
  • Leave a comment on our twitter post
  • Provide a valid MetaMask wallet address.

Prizes: Giveaway prizes (D1SKS are tradeable and contain random Illuvitars and Accessories)

  • 10 Standard D1SKs
  • 1 Mega D1SK

Standard D1SK contain: x1 Random Illuvitar, x3 Accessories, x1 Bonus Tier 0 Illuvitar

Mega D1SK contain: x1 Random Illuvitar, x3 Accessories, x1 Guaranteed Rare Illuvitar

Rules: Please check the rules inside the Gleam app.

Results: Winners will be announced on our blog page and our social channels. If you win a D1SK, you will be able to view your Illuvitar in the IMX Wallet automatically created from your Metamask on the Illuvidex Marketplace.

For any questions, head over to our telegram channel: https://t.me/my3air

Results: (updated 24.03.2023)

Thank you for participating in our sweepstakes for Illuvium: Beyond D1SKs!

The winners have been selected using Chainlink’s VRF toolset, ensuring that sweepstakes winners are chosen randomly and transparently on the blockchain, guaranteeing fairness.

Congratulations to the following participants:

Mega D1SK winner


Standard D1SK winners

0x50Cb26A76c60A20e29e560ECD35A2C4cea59fb65 0x2AD7Ce7D80B0708a89e8e736Df0eB3c2DC5e301b 0xEe5875d9429ebb076A3FFe954c8e27321e07bc43 0x3AE579B020724Edd9b95095C93C254Ba505c0C70 0x7DC494eac3759F04fccb7C0b84e8A5E28a355a30 0xAd880171543b3283Da9892D3F64f6Fe9dc4f7A6c 0x2c675237d26cb4632e22404f799Cde0bd4f780B5 0x018F217257257F84B9e5619Fb9E7d4BE22152977 0x05A7239f1d1a4885BF4c4Df0D140aA46a0EcF05B 0x5375993C0173a443B81dEf64D8F098b8adE65203

D1SKs will be sent before 31st of March.

What is Illuvium Beyond?

Illuvium: Beyond
Illuvium: Beyond

Illuvium: Beyond is an exciting customisable collectible card game coming on March 7th at 10:00 PM UTC that offers endless possibilities for collectors to explore and enjoy. With a vast range of unique hand-drawn Illuvitars, accessories, backgrounds, finishes, and competitive aspects, Illuvium: Beyond has something for everyone. There are also exciting possibilities for the future with the development of a casual PvP card game, which requires approval from the DAO.

To read more about all the features of Illuvium: Beyond head to: Illuvium Beyond - A collectible card game with endless possibilities and Illuvitars.


We have more exciting news on the way. Follow our social media channels to join our community and get the latest updates about our development. 

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