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Ready, Set, Design! Announcing 3air’s First Ever T-Shirt Design Contest


Ready, Set, Design! Announcing 3air’s First Ever T-Shirt Design Contest

3air is pleased to announce our first ever T-shirt design contest! Use your creativity to contribute to the 3air community and express what we stand for. The contest will run from Monday, January 10th to through February 14th and the submission deadline is 17th of January. The winner will be announced shortly after.

We are excited to see what you, the heart of our community, will create to showcase who 3air is and who we strive to become. While there is no tagline or phrase that needs to be included as part of the design, we have a few guidelines to help shape the direction of your design.

What 3air stands for

We believe that our greatest strength and motivator is you, our community. Our purpose has united thousands of you around a common cause of bringing connectivity to underserved people. At the same time, the connectivity 3air brings to local people and businesses will further develop their own local communities and and global interconnectedness. In that sense, we want our T-shirts to express this strong sense of community, connection, happiness and joy.

Additional topics that 3air relates to and you can use to inspire your designs are internet, mobile connectivity, TV, blockchain, tokens, Africa, and African people.

Vote on your favorite designs!

More exciting news: the community will vote for their favorite designs! These T-shirts are created for the community, by the community. We have set up a public gallery and voting mechanism so that you can cast your vote on your favorite designs.

The Grand Prize

This wouldn’t be a contest without prizes. Anyone who submits a design has a chance to win 3air tokens and a free T-Shirt!

Each design selected to print wins 10,000 3air tokens + T-shirt

The Top 5 community favorite designs win 1000 3air tokens + T-shirt.

T-shirts will be printed with a partner who offers international shipping, so we can make sure to get your shirt to you!

Who is this for?

Our merchandise will be available for purchase so that anyone can get their own 3air shirt. T-shirts will be worn by our community, our team members, employees and partners. The shirts can also be used in giveaways and given away to local communities, for example, in schools or other institutions that 3air supports.

Show us what you got!

Are you a professional designer, design enthusiast, creative at heart or just have something you would love to see on a T-shirt? Leave your mark on the community and submit your design, we want to see it!

For complete contest details and rules, please click here.