Token presale starting 31st of March

Token presale starting 31st of March

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Maximum buy amounts
Token price and vesting
Chain selection
Token launch

As announced, we will be starting our token public presale on March the 31st and run it for 7 days till April 7th. Every participant will have to do a KYC and there will be certain limits on the buying quantities. You can already pre-register and pass your KYC now at presale.3air.io{target=_blank} so you will be ready when the presale starts.

As you may know we have recently acquired some partnerships that allow us to enter new markets and reduce the need for our initial capital raise. Therefore, we will not be conducting a large presale. The intention of this token presale is to make you, the 3air fam, happy. There have been minimum buys in place before and now we are removing this. We do not want to leave anyone out. This presale is for you to be able to take part in the 3air journey at the presale price. But to do this, we need to limit the max order amounts.

Maximum buy amounts

This means that there will be a maximum order amount of 2000 3AIR tokens or the equivalent of $120 per KYC. The order could therefore be split into multiple smaller orders if you would wish to do so (for instance you could do two transactions for 1000 3AIR tokens). The whole presale will be limited to 2 million 3AIR tokens.

Because of the low buying amounts, we have decided to limit the buying options to only low fee cryptocurrencies:

  • BUSD on BSC (BEP20)
  • USDT on TRON (TRC-20)

We will also implement FIAT payment options including Credit Card payments. The additional fees of FIAT onboarding will be carried by the user.

Token price and vesting

By now you have probably already calculated the price. We have set it at the same level as before, being $0.06, but the vesting period will be longer. The vesting will start immediately at token listing and will be linear for 18 months. Withing this period you will be able to claim the vested tokens at any point in time. This means that you can claim the tokens that have been already vested each month, each day or even each minute. It will be up to you. We will provide an easy-to-use interface and select a chain with low fees.

Chain selection

There have been numerous questions about gas fees and chain selection. As already announced, 3air as a project will be using the advanced features of the [https://skale.network/](SKALE blockchain){target=_blank} that are extremely important for the successful launch of the project in Africa. This does not limit us to only use the SKALE blockchain for the 3AIR token.

Currently SKALE V2 is a bit delayed because of the current situation in Ukraine, where the majority of the SKALE dev team is stationed. We are therefore prepared to launch the token on another chain and later provide a bridge back to SKALE once the project is up and running and we need the token on the 3air platform.

We have thought about this in length and have decided to prepare the launch on the Binance Smart Chain. There are multiple reasons for this:

  • low gas fees,
  • huge liquidity,
  • big community of users,
  • established DEX,
  • connections to Binance and better listing options.

In the end it was also you, the community that asked about BSC the most. Many new users onboard through the Binance exchange and BSC and Pancake swap is the easiest to access form there.

We are aware of the shortcomings of BSC and therefore will not build the 3air platform on top of it.

We will of course provide liquidity to Ruby exchange once SKALE v2 is fully operational.

We are currently also looking into options of providing the SKALE-BSC bridge that would allow for quick and low-gas token transfers between these chains.


We have been working on our tokenomics for quite a while with some additional professional help. We have plotted different launch scenarios and projected some buy/sell pressure to try and predict the token price chart.

We know that the token launch is one of the most important aspects of a crypto-based project, so we want to make sure that it is a success. Unfortunately, today it’s not enough to only have a good project behind, the tokenomics and procedures at launch must be spot on. We want to prevent a huge pump-and-dump scenario, we want to prevent bots messing with the token price and we want to limit the amount of volatility.

Therefore, we have been talking to our token holders and asking them for vesting period extension that align better with the token use cases, liquidity and listings.

Fortunately, over 80% of the token holders agreed on the prolonged vesting and there are still some calls we need to make. There is also the option open for any public presale buyer to extend their vesting for an additional 10% of tokens. You will be able to find an extension button in the presale.3air.io{target=_blank} app for the next 8 more days.

We have also severely limited the amount of tokens that will be for sale in the presale. Because of this we are left with 110 million 3air tokens or 11% of the total supply that will be burned.

These changes have managed us to have only a maximum of 7.2 million 3air tokens in circulation at token launch, meaning that, depending on the price, the initial market capitalization at launch will be around $500.000.

Token launch

The token launch is planned for April 11th. We are currently aligning these dates with launchpads and looking to get a unified launch. All the details on that will be known in the coming days and weeks.

We are integrating bot protection measures because we do not want anyone to take advantage of the low initial listing price to then dump on the community. We are working with specialist to have all measures in place to prevent this and allow you, the community to participate in the launch at the same level as everybody else.

This is why we will be preventing huge orders from unknown wallets in the beginning. All the procedures on this warrant another blog post that is coming in the next days.

A word on the token launch price. This one was not yet set in stone 100%. It will depend on the vesting extensions in the next week and the projections afterwards but will be between $0.075 and $0.1. Again, expect definite information on this in the coming week.



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