3air Token Minting Announcement

3air Token Minting Announcement

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3air Token Contract Address
See your own vested 3air tokens
Next steps

The 3air token has been successfully minted on the Binance Smart Chain! This is a huge milestone for our project, and we’re very excited to continue moving forward with our goals.

The total supply of the 3air token is 830,000,000 3AIR. As of today, all tokens have been minted. The supply of 3air tokens is fixed and no further tokens can be minted.

The initial market cap with a token value of $0.065 at launch is $241,000.

All tokens have been moved into the vesting contract and the vesting terms have been created.

All tokens and funds that 3air handles are handled through Gnosis safe, the most highly recognized industry standard for smart contract security. Among other things, Gnosis safe ensures that all transactions are multi-sig enabled, meaning (in our case) that at least three signatories are required to approve transactions.

3air Token Contract Address

3air token contract: 0x596834746B5b78F31A089EE7853fa595682824B7

Vesting contract: 0x5cD787B77aaF924145ee1C36276A65a636548e71

3air token creation hash:


Vesting contract creation hash:


Transfer of all 3air to Vesting contract:


3air token contract ownership transfer to Gnosis safe:


Vesting contract ownership transfer to Gnosis safe:


The list of all created vesting term contracts will be available on our Docs shortly.

See your own vested 3air tokens

If you would like to verify vested 3air tokens in your own wallet address, here’s how to do it:

  1. Check 3air’s vesting contract at https://bscscan.com/address/0x5cd787b77aaf924145ee1c36276a65a636548e71#readContract
  2. Click on “Read contract”
  3. Scroll down to 4. Get active terms
  4. Enter your wallet address and search.

You will now see all the details of 3air tokens in your wallet.

Next steps

We are extremely excited about the minting of our new token. This would not have been possible without the support of our amazing community, so thank you all for your help and encouragement!

We’re looking forward to continuing developing the 3air project and bringing even more value to our token holders. Stay tuned for more updates in the near future!



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