3air Launches Liquidity Pool on TokensFarm

3air Launches Liquidity Pool on TokensFarm

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Liquidity Farming with Maximized Rewards
Learn more about TokensFarm

We’re glad to announce that 3air has launched its own Token Farm on https://tokensfarm.com/! You can access our new LP at http://tokensfarm.com/3air/lp/1.

TokensFarm is a multi-chain marketplace for farming programs. It helps users explore new farms and increase tokens yield with TokensFarm’s high performing liquidity pools and staking farms.

Liquidity Farming with Maximized Rewards

With the growing activity and volume on BSC, the 3air team we are increasing and facilitating liquidity for trading on Pancakeswap (BSC) through a BSC Liquidity Farm.

The LP Farm is live on BSC Chain for the token pair 3AIR-BUSD. Here are all the details:

  • Token pair: 3AIR-BUSD
  • Duration of the LP Farm in days: 60
  • Amount of reward tokens that are reserved for this LP farm: 150,000
  • Minimum days to Stake: 14

You can withdraw once the minimum staking period has passed. Undistributed tokens are returned to the reward pool. There is no cool-down or warm-up period.

Access the LP here:


Learn more about TokensFarm

TokensFarm is a platform for creating and hosting farming programs for a variety of crypto tokens. These Farms are looking to engage their communities, and provide secure off-the-shelf smart-contracts! As well as great design, easy use, compatible with the most popular wallets, and high trusted security.

All the TokensFarm contracts have been audited by Certik and CyberUnit.

Learn more at https://tokensfarm.com/.



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