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💰💰💰 Get 10% more tokens! 💰💰💰


We are offering you a limited opportunity to get 10% more tokens. We will add 10% tokens on top of all your Public presale 1 holdings if you decide to extend the vesting to 10% on token listing and the rest linearly over 12 months starting one month after listing.

This is a slight restriction from the previous vesting schedule but would grant you additional tokens. Just to clarify that you would still have the best vesting schedule as all seed and the majority private presale token holders have agreed to extend their vesting that starts 6 months after listing.

We are making these changes to optimize the 3air token launch and ensure a healthy token distribution and token release on the market thereby preventing extreme volatility. This is essential for a successful token launch and long-term health of the project. We would extremely appreciate your support in extending the vesting, helping us optimize our tokenomics.

❗️Login to and click the extend vesting button on your Public presale 1 allocation now❗️