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Everything you need to know about the 3air public presale


Ever since we announced our token presale date for November 26th, we’ve had hundreds of questions reach us by email, Twitter and Telegram asking to get all the details. Here’s everything you need to know so that you’re better prepared and ready to go when the presale starts!

Everything you need to know about the 3air public presale

What are the advantages of buying in a public presale?

First off, why should you be part of the token presale? What advantages do you get from purchasing before the token goes public?

As a buyer in our whitelisted presale makes you part of a privileged group of individuals who are buying tokens before anyone else. As such, you are guaranteed to buy the token at a fixed low price before the token launch. You also have lower risk than an investor buying in the private presale phase.

Why should you buy 3air?

3air’s vision is to become one of the leading blockchain-based telecom platforms. We combine the expertise and market potential from both the telecom industry and leveraging blockchain technology to deliver services. Our team is made up of specialists and excellent advisors that are experts in their respective fields of management, IT, telecommunications, blockchain and marketing.

We also have a perfect combination of 1) an untapped African market that is in dire need of high-speed boradband internet, and (2) the technology from K3 Telecom that can outperform currently existing solutions on the market. According to our estimates, we expect the number of 3air customers to grow rapidly, reaching over 400,000 by 2026. This would translate to roughly $20 million in yearly revenues and project valuation of over $3 billion.

3air’s public presale in numbers

During the public presale a total of 200,000,000 tokens worth $12,000,000 will be available for purchase.

After the Token Generation Event (TGE), your tokens will be made available to you in your wallet. You will be able to transfer 20% of your tokens to an exchange immediately after listing. A linear vesting period applies for 4 months after the TGE, meaning that every month an additional 20% of tokens will be released.

The TGE is scheduled to happen immediately after the public presale will be filled. We are planning Decentralized Exchange (DEX) listings shorty after TGE.

If we don’t sell the total 200,000,000 tokens during the public sale period, the remaining tokens from the presale will be burned.

3air public presale launch date

The public presale opens on November 26, 2021.

Until then, you can get whitelisted by visiting and signing up with your email address.

3air public presale token price

The token price will be $0.06.

To enter, the minimum purchase amount is set to $600, while the maximum amount you can purchase is $49.800 worth of tokens. You can buy your tokens using USDT, USDC, ETH, ADA or BTC.

Token presale compliance rules

To comply with regulations we must perform KYC (Know Your Customer) checks for each participant in the presale and ensure that all AML (Anti Money Laundering) procedures and checks are followed. The requirements are no politically exposed person, not being on any sanctions list, not being from excluded territories and providing your official and valid ID scan and facial ID that matches the ID. We might execute further checks based on our risk assessment.

The following countries are restricted from participating in the presale: USA, China, Afghanistan, Crimea, Cuba, Libya, Myanmar, North Korea, Palestinian Territory, Venezuela (government only), Yemen, Syria, Sudan, South Sudan, Iran, Iraq. Other countries might be closed depending on demand.

US accredited investors can participate in the private presale rounds. No US citizen can participate in the public presale.

What are the 3air token presale prices from the private rounds?

  1. Private round 1: $0.03
  2. Private round 2: $0.04
  3. Private round 3: $0.05
  4. Public presale: $0.06

Investors who bought in the private round have a vesting period of 12 months after TGE, meaning they will not be able to sell their tokens for 12 months after the TGE.

For full details of token distribution and vesting schedules, view the following graph:

3air public presale

3air public presale: How you can join

So you’re interested in joining 3air’s public presale? That’s great! Visit and enter your email address to join. You will receive all the instructions and updates directly to your inbox.

We are honored to have you in the 3air community and look forward to a fulfilling and successful future together!

Do you have more questions?

The best place to get in touch is on Telegram, Twitter or by email at

3air is a decentralized telecom platform connecting people of Africa with broadband. Please visit for more information.