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Refund bonus tokens


Refund bonus tokens 3air

As promised, we are distributing the refunded tokens to all of you continuing with 3air and its mission to bring more equal opportunities to people in Africa.

Refund report

We have run our refund for 14 days, and refunds ended on the 23rd of February. In this time 26 people requested a refund and all requests have been processed within 24 hours of receiving a confirmation.

A total of $60,405.78 of refunds have been paid out to 25 public and 1 private token buyer for the total of 1,611,200 that will be distributed to remaining token holders and will be seen in your dashboard within the next 48 hours.

We are happy to announce that less than 5% of the token buyers have decided to take the refund and only 1.72% of original tokens bought have been refunded. This means that 3air has established a high level of trust among its community.

Token distribution

We have been thinking how to make this the most valuable to our community. Unfortunately, if we would have split it on per token basis the additional amount received would be negligible at best. We have therefore agreed to exclude the Seed and Private round 1 from receiving the bonus tokens and distributing it full to the rest of the public and private rounds. This in turn raises the additional received tokens to 3.67%. This means that if you bought the minimum amount of 10.000 tokens, you will receive 367 tokens additionally.

Please note that there will be a vesting schedule for these tokens. You will start receiving your tokens 6 months after first listing and you will be able to claim them linearly and continuously for the next 18 months.

The tokens will be added to your presale app within the next 48 hours.