The 3air Token within the 3air Ecosystem

The 3air Token within the 3air Ecosystem

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3air project overview
3air Decentralized Identities (DIDs)
NFT-based broadband subscriptions
Broadband mesh infrastructure
Staking for hardware ownership
Crypto onboarding
DAO governance token
Supporting 3air platform features
Experimental 3air features

“How is your token being used?” “Why do you need a token?” There are always a lot of questions about token usage within a project. And rightfully so. Simply issuing a token without a purpose predicts many issues for the project’s future. On the other hand, well-defined use cases and token integration can boost early user adoption, supporters and partners, regulatory clearance, and straight forward development of the project.

Let’s delve a bit deeper into the role 3AIR token plays in the whole 3air ecosystem.

3air project overview

As you may already know, 3air consists of two parts:

  1. Connecting users to broadband internet with K3 proprietary technology
  2. Providing blockchain tools and features over the 3air blockchain platform

3air – K3 integration

K3 with its proprietary “Last mile solution” has a competitive advantage in connecting people in developing countries to high speed, high quality broadband internet, Digital HD TV and IP telephony. All services are delivered over air without the need of laying cables. This provides express and prizeworthy coverage in areas that do not have regular cable infrastructure in place, like the majority of Africa. Broadband penetration in Africa is currently below 1%.

3air and K3 are connecting urban and rural areas with broadband, aiming to connect millions of people throughout Africa. K3 will build the physical infrastructure and 3air will build a blockchain enabled platform for easy access to broadband services and more.

All clients will be onboarded and regularly use the 3air platform for accessing and managing their broadband, TV, and telephony services. 3air will not be operating the K3 last mile solution but will work on a fee-based model that will be charged on each transaction and charged to the telecom operator. The first and major telecom development partner of 3air is K3 telecom. 3air will partner with other telecoms in the future. Please note that 3air does not work with a revenue share model as this would make 3AIR a security token. Instead, 3air takes a transaction fee of all transactions on every client that K3 connects.

3AIR token

3AIR is the only token of the 3air ecosystem. It has a finite supply of 1B 3AIR, from which there will be 115M 3AIR tokens burned at launch. This is because of part of the fund raise went to equity. We decided to burn the equal amount of tokens that do not need to be sold, bringing additional value to the token at the very beginning. This means the actual finite token amount will be 885 million 3AIR.

3air will be deeply integrated into the 3air/K3 ecosystem. 3air does not intend to release additional tokens even when entering new geographical areas or adding new services.

3air Platform

3air platform aims to be the go-to platform for all users starting with DeFi, GameFi, SocialFi and RealFi with a heavy focus on onboarding and serving clients in Africa.

3air ecosystem overview
3air ecosystem overview

Major 3air platform features:

  • Easy broadband connectivity with the help of Decentralized Identities (DIDs) and NFTs
  • Broadband mesh network infrastructure operator
  • Crypto onboarding ramp
  • DAO governance token
  • Staking for hardware ownership

Supporting 3air features:

  • 3air collateral for agents and affiliates
  • Loyalty, discounting, and rewards system
  • Microloans and pay-day loans
  • NFT marketplace supporting African artists
  • DeFi with staking and yield generating products
  • Revenue generating streams with Play2Earn, Learn2Earn and SocialFi products

Experimental features:

  • Broadband tokenization with fully featured secondary markets enabling better price discovery and fair pricing models
  • Seamless broadband roaming
  • IoT network for device communication
  • Telecom fraud prevention
  • Telcom privacy layer with trustless data sharing

3air Decentralized Identities (DIDs)

Decentralized Identities (DIDs) are one of the cornerstones of the 3air platform. Telecoms and other ISP providers are mostly fully regulated companies, requiring licenses to operate and therefore needing to adhere to rules such as client KYC.

The issue with regular identity usage is the possibility for exploitation. With DIDs, we are put the user in control of his data. DIDs in combination with Verifiable Claims (VCs) provide seamless and privacy-enabled authentication and verified personal data storage.

3air will provide a DID for each of its clients to make client interactions easier and cost-effective.

As DIDs and VCs are becoming a standard, 3air will offer a platform that clients and other institutions can use to store additional data as VCs, where each write will incur a fee payable in 3air. Data as employment information, medical records, access cards, memberships and similar, can easily be stored and freely reused for verification purposes.

NFT-based broadband subscriptions

It is time to disrupt subscription services. NFTs provide a perfect vehicle for next-level subscription services.

3air will create an NFT marketplace where the end user will be able to mint his NFT with internet connection subscription coded into it. The NFT can be freely transferred to other wallets. Once the NFT is plugged into the ISP system it will grant the owner access to the service.

There are many advantages and opportunities with such a model. First, it enables secondary broadband internet markets. This means someone can buy an internet subscription and later resell it to someone else.

Second, it allows for new revenue models with the likes of renting broadband.

Third, it allows for easy gifting in a sense of charity or remittance. Imagine a school needing connectivity. All you need to do is send them an NFT to their wallet and they get an internet connection. Or you want send funds from abroad back to your family so they can buy a subscription; why not just buy them an internet NFT and send it to them?

There are unlimited possibilities with this model. We can pair internet subscriptions with additional artwork, just like we used post stamps in the past. Once the subscription is over, the collectible remains in your wallet. We can even enable discounts based on your collectible holdings, thereby driving the secondary market for it.

On the philanthropic side, once you gift an NFT to an organization, we can issue you a new NFT that can be used as undisputable social proof of your doing.

Broadband mesh infrastructure

At the core of 3air, there is the decentralized broadband Wi-Fi mesh network. It follows a similar business model as the likes of Uber and RBNB built around a token economy.

The goal is to expand the network infrastructure with the help of the end user. The end users will own and operate the mesh network and earn revenue from it.

There are 3 key players in the mesh network ecosystem:

  1. ISP provider provides the high-speed connection to the internet backbone
  2. Access Point operator owns and operates an access point (node) within the mesh network
  3. The insurance providers that stake their tokens in the Access Points to help it operate efficiently

Once the network is up and running, the end user has access to priceworthy internet connection and the fees are distributed to all the key network operators, incentivizing them to run the mesh network efficiently.

Such a model is one of the few that offers sustainable “mining” as the rewards are purely usage driven and are not parasitic to the ecosystem. This means that distributed yield is not newly minted or issued in any other way but taken form a real-world economy and brought into the 3air ecosystem.

Staking for hardware ownership

Operating in a developing country means that expensive products may be inaccessible to many. Even with an affordable internet subscription, there may still be an issue with acquiring the required hardware to connect.

Therefore, we are implementing a staking incentive that acts in a similar way to a loan, but better.

The company takes over the initial hardware cost and leases it to the end user. In addition, it stakes a smaller amount of 3air tokens for the end user and locks it up for at least one year. If the end user wants to unstake the tokens, he needs to pay for the used hardware. At that point he becomes the full owner of the hardware and the tokens.

This keeps many tokens staked for a long period of time and incentivizes users to stay in long-term partnership with 3air.

In addition, it empowers the user to own the hardware he needs and most importantly incentives her to educate herself on the topic of blockchain, crypto and staking.

Crypto onboarding

Getting into crypto is still not the easiest task and majority need help and education to become comfortable in using it.

Our focus is on making starting in crypto and blockchain as easy as possible even for the less tech savvy. We’re partnering up with fiat onboarding and offloading projects that allow safe transactions to crypto from different traditional monetary systems.

As our goal is banking the unbanked, we are giving special attention to onboarding with cash through existing P2P networks.

Other services include options of custodial wallets as most newcomers to the space do not posses the skills and knowledge to take good care of their private keys. Custodial solutions therefore make it easier for them to bridge the time they need to get the needed knowledge to take full advantage of non-custodial blockchain solutions.

For added convenience and usability, users will be able to swap to different currencies enabled in the user backend.

DAO governance token

The 3air platform aims to become fully decentralized, meaning the 3air token will also serve as a means of executing governing rights in the form of voting on changes and procedures. At first there will be a community pool set up with funds from the generated fees. The usage of these funds will be up for a vote and can be used either for burning the tokens or granting them to validate social projects locally.

With time and maturity, 3air aims to add additional functionalities and operations available for voting.

Supporting 3air platform features

The supporting features of the 3air platform aim to provide additional value to its users and generate many use cases for the 3air token. 3air strives to add new features to the platform, providing exponential growth of the ecosystem and also making it attractive for users who don’t use 3air broadband services.

One of the models 3air and its partners operate locally is through their agents and affiliates. The token is bound to their reseller level and automatically determines agreement details including commissions.

End users can enjoy additional discounts, perks and rewards with staking and paying with 3air tokens.

3air token can be used in DeFi, including putting it up as collateral for microloans.

In addition to the internet subscription NFT marketplace, 3air will support African artists by featuring them on the platform and even pairing their artworks together with broadband services to provide some exclusive NFTs.

With external partnerships, 3air want to aggregate different revenue generating products such as Play2Earn, Learn2Earn and SocialFi.

Experimental 3air features

Even though experimental features are not the focus in generating value for 3air in the short-term, they are worth mentioning and can become the next revolutionary thing in the blockchain/telco space.

3air is setting up research team that will work on advanced and revolutionary features like:

  • Broadband tokenization with fully featured secondary markets enabling better price discovery and fair pricing models.
  • Seamless broadband roaming.
  • IoT network for device communication
  • Telecom fraud prevention
  • Telcom privacy layer with trustless data sharing

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