Announcement: 3air partners with Plantholt Advisory Group

Announcement: 3air partners with Plantholt Advisory Group

We are excited to announce that 3air has partnered with Plantholt Advisory. This partnership will allow us to increase awareness about 3air in the world of crypto and beyond. Under the leadership of CEO and Founder Dustin Plantholt, Plantholt Advisory is able to provide strategic advice as well as operational support.

A self confessed Digital Asset enthusiast, Dustin Plantholt is the Founder of Plantholt Advisory Group, a Forbes Monaco Editor “Crypto”, and the Founder of LifesTough.com

Aside from being a renowned connector and a 32nd Degree Freemason, Plantholt is also a Published Comic Book Author, TV Contributor, Gala Emcee, and Host of the highly regarded LifesTough.com and Bitcoin.com podcast.

Plantholt sits on various advisory boards, such as the European Women’s Association, March of Dimes, Case de Amparo, EcoWatt and Gamium. He also works alongside some of the world’s leading brands & global influencers on how to incorporate NFTs, Crypto and the Metaverse into their business models. 

Such is Plantholt’s impact within the world of Digital Assets that he was awarded the Dubai Future Innovation Award 2022. 

Forbes Monaco even granted him the title of “The Count of Monte Crypto” in a nod to his undisputed expertise.

This partnership is a natural extension of our commitment to increasing the reach of 3air and working towards financial inclusion and widespread broadband access in underdeveloped regions. We are looking forward to working with Plantholt Advisory and to continuing to grow 3air’s reach to a wider audience.

Learn more about Dustin Plantholt

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/plantholt 

Twitter - https://twitter.com/dustinplantholt 

Instagram: - https://www.instagram.com/dustinplantholt/



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