3air Partners with Ikigai Ventures and Joins the Ikigai Company Portfolio

3air Partners with Ikigai Ventures and Joins the Ikigai Company Portfolio

We’re excited to announce that Ikigai Ventures—a seed-stage venture fund of industry insiders investing in the most promising founders in gaming, frontier tech, and psychedelics—has partnered with 3air, the startup aiming to connect billions of users to Web3 by combining high-speed broadband Internet with a blockchain-based platform. The partnership will enable further growth of the 3air brand and ecosystem on a global scale. 

Backed by the SiGMA Group, Ikigai Ventures-backed companies benefit from significant introductions and worldwide exposure. Ikigai Ventures decided to partner with 3air because the proven infrastructure of its connectivity solution helps ensure that underserved communities can truly be connected to the global economy, enabling more users to enter the blockchain and DeFi space. 

The 3air ecosystem bridges the gap between unconnected users and the global Web3 ecosystem. It enables users to access a high-speed Internet subscription through a Connectivity NFT that can be shared, transferred, and used at any 3air-compatible location. Once connected, 3air’s blockchain platform offers users access to the Web3 world of NFTs and DeFi. Users can own unique digital identities, create wallets, access micro-loans, and participate in reward-generating activities.

“We are very excited to be working with 3air, and are confident that Sandi can drive this forward towards success. The project’s platform is a game changer - and we believe the project has the potential to become an industry leader. We look forward to supporting it through our platform, both through our network and our shows.” - Eman Pulis - Founder SiGMA Group & Ikigai Ventures

“We’re glad to be backed by Ikigai Ventures and join their portfolio. They willingly share their experience and network, make significant introductions and bring worldwide exposure to 3air. The support received from Ikigai is invaluable and we look forward to our journey together.” - Sandi Bitenc, 3air CEO

About 3air

3air is a blockchain-based platform with the goal of bringing broadband connectivity and financial inclusion to the next billion users. Using proprietary K3 Last Mile technology, 3air delivers affordable, high-speed, and stable broadband internet, digital TV, and IP telephony to users. Once connected, 3air’s blockchain platform empowers users to become financially independent with easy access to digital services, identity management, payments, credit lines, and micro-loans.

Learn more about 3air by visiting 3air.io or reading our documentation at docs.3air.io. Follow our social media channels to join our community and get the latest updates.

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About Ikigai Ventures

Ikigai Ventures is a fund of industry insiders investing in early stage startups in gaming, e-sports, blockchain, fintech, and psychedelics. After creating and operating multiple international event franchises featuring over 10,000 companies from 5 core industries, Ikigai Ventures was created to help the best start-ups in their fields gain traction through their expert network.

Learn more at https://ikigaiventures.io/.



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3air is the world's first blockchain platform that helps individuals and businesses thrive on WEB3 with broadband internet. We're on a mission to bring blockchain and banking to the next billion.

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