How can Web3 help Sierra Leone?

How can Web3 help Sierra Leone?

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The Sierra Leone Experience
Moving Forward

Since its introduction in the early 1990s, the Internet has maintained the status of one of the most relevant and world-changing innovations in modern society. It’s impossible to measure the impact it had and keeps having globally, but it has certainly changed the world forever.

Unfortunately, many African countries were not ready for the earlier stages of the Internet and had very little involvement in the development of both Web1 and Web2 for the last 3 decades. Whether for poor adoption of digital solutions, the lack of economic stability and infrastructures, or even due to harsh environmental conditions, it took a bit longer for Internet adoption to begin its rise in the African Continent.

Now, however, when over 43% of the general African population has access to internet services and with the continent recording one of the fastest growths in digital adoption, worldwide, it is time for African countries to take part and, especially, take advantage of the Web3 boom that is just around the corner.

There are, of course, certain challenges that are still bigger in Africa. Nevertheless, in the same way Web3{target=_blank} is set to reshape the whole Internet, it can help reshape Africa as well.

The Sierra Leone Experience

Sierra Leone was chosen to test the K3 Last Mile technology because of how harsh the weather conditions are, how unfavorable its geographical properties are, and because of its low average income, even for Africa’s standards.

Because Africa has almost no true broadband internet, and with its cities’ rapid expansion with no connectivity plans, it is next to impossible to dig the necessary trenches for internet cables. It was obvious an alternative solution was required.

With K3’s proprietary technology, we were able to provide optics grade connectivity over the air, allowing up to 1 Gbps dedicated internet connectivity, over 150 digital TV stations, and IP telephony through air transmission, with each base station serving users up to a 50km radius. So far, we’re proud to have already facilitated daily access to high-speed broadband internet, TV, and IP telephony to over 10.000 users.

Moving Forward

Creating the conditions for a more prepared and inclusive Sierra Leone is only the beginning. Even though it is no easy task on its own, it is, most importantly, a big step towards the modernization of Sierra Leone, its preparation for the future and - in this case, a bridge facilitating wider adoption of Decentralized Finance and welcoming the arrival of Web3.

With the way DeFi has been redefining financial inclusion, it is not hard to imagine how deeply it can affect a country like Sierra Leone - where still only around 13% of the adult population{target=_blank} has access to financial and banking services.

With Web3 and the expansion of blockchain technology, on the other hand, numerous opportunities will emerge and will surely make way for new markets as it happened with cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

This time, however, Sierra Leone will be ready to get involved at early stages and create projects that can develop and scale, growing the surrounding community with them.



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