Announcement: 3air partners with INACTA

Announcement: 3air partners with INACTA

We are excited to announce that 3air has partnered with INACTA. INACTA is a founding member of the Crypto Valley Association and the Swiss Blockchain Federation. Moreover, as the initiator of the Blockchain Summit, the Blockchain Competition, and the Crypto Oasis, Inacta supports technology startups in their growth in the blockchain industry, connecting with startups and established companies.

This partnership is the stepping stone to integrating 3Air into Inacta’s extensive ecosystem of the Inacta Group, Crypto Valley, and the Dubai-based Crypto Oasis.

To kick off the partnership, 3air will contribute to the upcoming INACTA innovation circle on Monday, September 19, in Zug, Switzerland. 3air CEO Sandi Bitenc will discuss how 3air aims to provide connectivity and banking to the next billion. 

“With their deep understanding of all aspects of the blockchain industry, we are happy to count INACTA as one of 3air’s partners. This allows us to expand our relationship with the Crypto Oasis and Crypto Valley ecosystem with all its benefits.” - Sandi Bitenc, CEO, 3air.

“We believe 3air is a perfect addition to our extensive and growing ecosystem in Switzerland and Dubai. 3air will boost its growth by connecting with the right implementation and integration partners.”  - Ralf Glabischnig, Managing Partner, Inacta AG

About 3air

3air aims to connect people in African cities to the global economic ecosystem using its proprietary technology to bring affordable, high-speed, and stable broadband internet, digital TV, and IP telephony. 3air uses K3 Last Mile technology to provide up to 1 Gbps dedicated internet connectivity, over 150 digital TV stations, and IP telephony through the air. 3air’s blockchain-based platform will allow easy access to digital services, identity management, payments, and credit line building. 

Learn more about 3air by visiting 3air.io or reading our documentation at docs.3air.io. We have more exciting news on the way. Follow our social media channels to join our community and get the latest updates. 

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About Inacta

Inacta AG is an independent IT service provider based in Zug, Switzerland. Founded in 2009, Inacta boasts a proven track record of successful projects in the crypto and blockchain space. It combines the expertise of more than 100 experienced digital transformation experts in Crypto Valley in Switzerland and Crypto Oasis in Dubai.

Learn more about INACTA here.



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3air is the world's first blockchain platform that helps individuals and businesses thrive on WEB3 with broadband internet. We're on a mission to bring blockchain and banking to the next billion.

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