3air Partners With State-of-the-Art Vendors to Leapfrog Africa’s Internet Access Beyond the Western World

3air Partners With State-of-the-Art Vendors to Leapfrog Africa’s Internet Access Beyond the Western World

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All You Need to Know About K3
Cardano Is Our Preferred Blockchain
Digital Identities
Environmentally Friendly

Last year, the internet in South Africa suffered a heavy blow owing to a mudslide that broke two undersea cables connecting South Africa to the internet. It happened at the peak of the pandemic, widening the communication gap among South Africans who were already physically disconnected.

That was one out of several internet connection issues in South Africa — and Africa at large — to which experts are working earnestly to bring a permanent resolution. Connecting Africa to the rest of the world is an endeavor that would directly impact everyone living in the region.

That’s why at 3air, we’re working with outstanding companies who have a proven track record in offering the necessary technologies to provide sustainable internet access in Africa.

Our key partners, among others, are Cardano — one of the most scalable blockchains — and K3 Telecom AG — a renowned global telecom operator. Let’s look at why we have chosen them.

All You Need to Know About K3

K3 Telecom AG is a Swiss-based telecommunications company with a proven global footprint. The company specializes in establishing and offering top-notch telecom networks and services.

The high point of K3’s infrastructure is the K3 Wireless Lastmile technology, dubbed a telecom revolution. In many ways, the technology stands out as the preferred broadband solution in today’s world.

How is that possible?

Simply put — K3’s solutions offer the most efficient and cheapest internet in Africa. Its over-the-air infrastructure saves us the hassle of digging trenches for underground cables while providing an ultra-fast broadband speed of 1 Gbps per user.

K3 is miles ahead of what is currently obtainable in countries like Nigeria, where the average “fast” internet speed is about 8 Mbps. Moreover, its technology is realistic and trustworthy as it is currently in use in Sierra Leone, a project that has been running since 2019.

Since then, it has proved itself to offer the best broadband internet in Africa, providing users with digital TV, wireless broadband internet, and IP telephony.

More so, the K3 technology has a very low operating power of 500W, which is extraordinary considering its incredible service. Coupled with the fact that it uses standard radio frequency, and not 5G frequencies known for emitting high electromagnetic radiation dangerous to human tissue, the K3 Lastmile is the most eco-friendly telecom solution in Africa today.

Cardano Is Our Preferred Blockchain

Apart from being one of the most scalable blockchains for building fully decentralized systems, Cardona is intrinsically interested in ushering Africa into the digital age.

Through its commercial arm — EMURGO — Cardano is investing $100 million in African tech startups to build blockchain-based digital infrastructure in Africa to the end that new industries will spring forth, and African economies will blossom.

In furtherance of its vision, Cardano has launched several Smart Contracts in Africa, one of which is in partnership with the Ethiopian government to monitor the academic progress of 5 million students in the country.

3air’s goals are in sync with Cardano’s — drive scalable access to the internet in Africa, offer financial inclusion for the unbanked people in the region, and engineer digital transformation in critical sectors of Africa’s economies.

Apart from 3air, Cardano hosts several other internet-related projects that give it an experiential edge over other blockchains as far as telecom is concerned.

However, these are not the only factors driving our preference for the blockchain. Here are more reasons supporting our choice of Cardano.

Digital Identities

The 3air platform uses digital identities to offer scalable blockchain telecom services to its users. Digital identities are information that computer systems use to represent entities such as persons, devices, organizations, etc.

Digital identities are essential for highly secured and privacy-driven systems as they ensure that only authorized users can access the service.

Cardano’s Atala PRISM is one of the leading digital identity solutions in the industry. It allows each user on the 3air platform to own their unique identity and manage how their personal information is accessed.

Environmentally Friendly

Cardano runs a proof-of-stake (PoS) protocol which is a quintessential characteristic of scalable blockchains. The protocol is more energy-efficient than the proof-of-work (PoW) protocol used in Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum 1.0 blockchains.

With the PoS protocol, Cardano’s energy consumption is 1.6 million times less than the Bitcoin exchange. As a result, Cardano is cheaper to use, and it doesn’t threaten to deplete Africa’s energy resources.

Furthermore, transactions on Cardano require fewer computational resources, making it faster and more environmentally friendly than most blockchains.

Its speed actively contributes to solving the blockchain scalability challenge most tech projects experience in other blockchains.


While blockchain technology boasts of heavy security, it continues to be the target of cyberattacks over the past couple of years. However, Cardano has achieved paramount security: since the establishment of the blockchain in 2017, Cardano has never been a victim of a malicious attack.

Moreover, Cardano is the only blockchain that allows custom tokens to exist natively in its blockchain. This means that 3air’s utility token, built on the Cardano blockchain, will be shielded by the same top-notch security architecture and protocols that protect Cardano’s ADA.

Cardano’s Internet in Africa mission has seen the blockchain supporting several projects that address issues plaguing sustainable broadband services in Africa.

Building on Cardano’s ecosystem and using the infrastructural prowess of K3, 3air is birthing services that will positively and radically impact the lives of Africans for good. At the minute, we are working dedicatedly with our partners, and we are excited to unveil the results of our joint work soon.

If you want to join us, enter the 3air token presale now.

3air is a decentralized telecom platform connecting people of Africa with broadband. Please visit 3air.io for more information.



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