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3air Blog & Vlog

This is the list of our published articles:

Date Type Title / Link
22/05/21 General How 3air and K3 Use Wireless Mesh Networks to Enable Connectivity
22/05/10 Announcement 3air partners with H3ro3s Play2Earn Game
22/05/09 General Uses for NFTs and their application in 3air
22/05/01 General The 3air Token within the 3air Ecosystem
22/04/19 General Meet the Team: Sandi Bitenc
22/04/15 General 3air Token Contract & Audit
22/04/14 General Video: What is 3air?
22/04/05 Presale SOLD OUT: 3air Public Presale Closed Early
22/04/04 Education What is front-running and how can SKALE solve it?
22/04/01 General 10 things you should know about connectivity in Africa
22/03/31 Presale Open Now: The 3air Public Presale
22/03/24 General How can Web3 help Sierra Leone?
22/03/16 Presale Token presale starting 31st of March
22/03/16 Partnerships 3air announces partnership with MasterBlox
22/03/15 Presale Get 10% more tokens!
22/03/12 General The Road to Financial Inclusion
22/03/03 General What is Digital Identity?
22/03/01 General Roaming Fraud Prevention in Telecom with Blockchain
22/02/27 Presale Refund bonus tokens
22/02/23 General SKALE-based 3air and K3 Telecom secure $10 Million USD Investment to expand in Ethiopia
22/02/19 General Why SKALE? Transaction fees
22/02/16 General 3air Compared to Current Internet Alternatives
22/02/08 Partnerships 3air joins: SKALE
22/02/05 Education Choosing the right chain: Standing out and fitting in
22/02/03 Education Choosing the right chain: Marketing & Business Considerations
22/02/02 Education Choosing the right chain: Additional functions, future development, and other factors
22/02/01 Education Choosing the right chain: Scalability, speed, finality and transaction fees
22/01/31 Education Choosing the right chain: Security
22/01/30 Education Choosing the right chain: Decentralization
22/01/28 Education EVM compatibility and why it is important
22/01/28 Africa, Internet The current state of Internet connectivity in Nigeria
22/01/26 Presale 3air Presale Update and What’s Next
22/01/15 General Adedayo Adebajo joins 3air team as a blockchain advisor
22/01/10 Africa, Internet Internet connectivity in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
22/01/09 Airdrops Ready, Set, Design! Announcing 3air’s First Ever T-Shirt Design Contest
22/01/03 General Happy New Year 2022!
21/12/15 Technology Everything you need to know about K3 Last Mile
21/12/07 Presale tutorial Crypo Oasis Meetup — 7/12/2021 at 4pm
21/12/01 Presale tutorial How to use the 3air presale app — full video guide
21/12/01 Tutorial What is an ADA wallet and how do you create one?
21/11/26 Presale tutorial 3air token presale — How to buy 3air
21/11/24 Presale 3air token presale — referral rewards
21/11/24 Presale Sandi Bitenc presents 3air @ Crypto Oasis meets Crypto Valley
21/11/23 Presale tutorial 3air token presale — KYC and AML
21/11/22 Presale tutorial 3air token presale — registration, logging in and password security
21/11/20 Presale Everything you need to know about the 3air public presale
21/11/16 Technology Why is blockchain necessary for the 3air platform
21/11/12 Technology The state of bandwidth sharing
21/11/02 General Fastest broadband in Africa — 3air crypto opportunity
21/11/01 Africa State of the internet in Ethiopia and meeting Charles Hoskinson — Ethiopia trip October 2021
21/10/30 Partnerships 3air Partners With State-of-the-Art Vendors to Leapfrog Africa’s Internet Access Beyond the Western World
21/10/27 General 3air: Connecting millions of people in Africa’s cities to the World
21/10/25 General Africa: 3air to Introduce Wireless Broadband Access to Africa’s Underserved Population
21/10/23 Video 3air crypto presentation with Sandi Bitenc CEO
21/10/21 General What is 3air all about?