How to use the 3air presale app — full video guide

How to use the 3air presale app — full video guide

3air is currently in the presale stage, meaning you can buy 3air at a fixed price before the token starts trading on official exchanges.

Here is a video guide that will help you navigate through the 3air presale app.

  1. 3air presale: How to register and do KYC
  1. 3air presale: How to buy 3air tokens
  1. 3air presale: How to use the dashboard
  1. 3air presale: How to raise your buy limit

3air is a decentralized telecom platform connecting people of Africa with broadband. Please visit 3air.io for more information.

Video transcripts

3air presale How to register and do KYC

Sandi Bitenc: 00:00

Hi, everybody.


Today I’m testing out the final version of the KYC and I just thought, let’s record it. So, you have a “how to do it video”, I’ll try to keep it fast and simple.


If you still need some additional help, we’ll provide some additional videos that go a bit more in depth. So, let’s get it on.


So, you might start off of our website, click on “Purchase tokens” and this will bring you to our website, “presale.3air.io”, where you have the app, you click “Login or register” and you put in your email and click “Continue”.


I urge you to read these terms and conditions and click “Continue” once you’re done, and now, you’ll get an email confirmation. Just be sure, if you don’t see it, please check spam because sometimes it goes into spam and if it goes into spam, you’ll need to click “Remove from spam” or “Mark as not spam” or something like that it needs to get back in your inbox.


If it’s not in your inbox, then you won’t be able to click on it. Now I need to select my country. So, you need to select the country of your ID documents that you’ll be using, and you can learn here more about the KYC what it means how to do it, and then you click “Start KYC” and now you need to put in your name.


“Be sure that you put in your full name, also, the middle name, if you have it needs to be the same as on your documents, and also your date of birth.”


And your phone number, then you click on “Verify documents” in here, you’ll be connected to our provider, and you have three options here. So, one is the easiest one probably is just to “Scan the QR code”, you can send the link to your mobile phone, through SMS, or you can continue with your current device, I would urge you to use your smartphone because the cameras are far better than any laptop.


And also, when you take the images, please take them in a well-lit environment, the images need to be of good quality so that the system can read them well. So, I’ll do it right now with the “QR code” and go. Then click “Start Session” and now I need to select what I have. So, I’ll use my ID card and continue and then it will show you on the overlay what you actually need to do so try and keep it steady and nice and take a picture and then you go, and you need to turn it over and take another picture.


Then you’ll need to take a selfie and don’t wear any glasses hats masks, nothing just take a selfie. Okay, and that should be it. The process is automatic, and you shouldn’t go into manual review at all. So, you then go back and continue on the website, and this would be almost real time. If it shows you “In progress” just trying, hit refresh.


And this is it! You’re now officially KYCed.


Okay, so this is now your dashboard. What you need to do is you need to click first on “Set wallet” and input your ADA wallet.


We recommend using Yoroi because it’s probably the easiest and the best one it needs to start with this, ADDR1. Then you click save wallet make sure it’s really the correct one you want to use and then confirm it and then it should be green and you’re good to go.

3air presale How to buy 3air tokens

Sandi Bitenc: 00:00

Okay, so now that we’ve done the KYC, and added our ADA wallet address, we can go and proceed to buy the tokens.


So, to do that, you click on “Buy 3air tokens” and now you can either decide how many 3air tokens you want to buy, or for how much value worth of tokens you want to buy.


So, the minimum is $600. Remember this, so you cannot buy less than $600. So, for instance, if you want to buy 20,000 tokens its $1,200 worth.


You can also select what payment method do you want to use. So, either you want to use Solana or Ethereum or Cardano ADA, everything’s possible.


So, let’s say we want to pay with Cardano, and we want to buy 20,000 3air tokens, you click “Order” and what you need to do now is take a look at the payment amount again, it might change from one screen to the other, you need to transfer this amount of ADA to this wallet.


Okay, and there is a new wallet created for each payment. So, this is how we track your payments. So, let’s try and do that and see if it works.


You have one hour to complete that payment. You can always also go back and take a look and again view payment it’s going to be still there.


Okay, so this is now confirming, and this might take some time so it can take up to 10–15 maybe 20 minutes, sometimes it depends on the network.


And it’s confirmed! Excellent! So that’s how you do the payment really easy. It should also be seen out here, “CONFIRMED.”

3air presale How to use the dashboard

Sandi Bitenc: 00:00

Okay, so now let’s take a look at the dashboard or what it means. This part is your KYC. If it’s green, it’s good. If it’s red, it’s not good, then you were either declined, or you still didn’t do your KYC.


This is the part where your ADA wallet is and if it’s green, it’s okay, you need to check that it’s the correct one, this is the wallet that you will get your 3air tokens distributed to.


So, if this is wrong, the 3air tokens might go to the wrong wallet, and they’re lost. And this is your email, and you can also log out here.


This part shows where our presale is, those are all tokens together from the private and public sales and this here is where the soft cap is. So, this is when there’s for sure going to be token generation when once we hit this one. And of course, we do want to go for the full hard cap here. And then you have your referral link. This link allows you, when you share it, and people go and buy through this link, allow you to earn some commissions on it. So here you’ll see how many of your friends used the link and registered in the app.


And this part is going to be how many tokens you’ve earned, and how much of value at the IDO price of six cents, you’ve earned.


Then these are your orders that you’ve made. The red part is how much you bought. The green part is how much you can still buy with your current level of KYC, and this is the max that’s available, theoretically, and if you want to extend your max limit, you need to click on “Raise buy limit” and we’ll do that in another video.


And here are your orders. You click on “Buy” you get to the buy page, and we have covered that in another video. And these are your totals. So, this is going to be just collection of it. If you have more buys here. Then they will line up one after the other and here is going to be the total value altogether.


And that’s it for the dashboard.

3air presale How to raise your buy limit

Sandi Bitenc: 00:00

So, let’s see now how to do the next level KYC and raise our buy limits.


So, click here on “Raise buy limit” and what you need to do, you need to provide us with a proof of address. And on this document, there needs to be clearly visible, your name and your address and it needs to be a document, like a utility bill, or bank statement, or a cell phone bill or any other bill, or a governmental document.


For instance, some document, like a driver’s license might have your address already on them. So, this is OK, that’s all accepted. And it needs to be clearly legible. Else, it will be denied.


So, the first thing you need to do is you need to select the country and this country needs to be of the same country that the address is on the document that you’ll provide, then you need to provide your address and type it out really good. And then you need to choose a file. You can upload either an image or a PDF document both is going to be fine.


Then you click upload and this is it and you then wait until we check your document and confirm you and every document will be checked.


Okay, so let’s see if we got confirmed, let’s hit refresh and yes, this is now a fully confirmed and full KYC account.



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