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3air token presale — How to buy 3air


3air token presale — How to buy 3air

So, the token sale is live. You passed the KYC. Now what?

The first thing you need to check is if you have correctly input your ADA wallet. The ADA wallet is the wallet that will receive your 3air tokens once we finish the presale and have the TGE (Token Generation Event). You will see a red marked field in the top right saying SET WALLET. If this field is green, then you should be good to go and the “Buy 3air” button should be active.

Setting your ADA wallet

If you need to set your wallet then click on the button and you will be asked to input an ADA wallet address. If you do not know how to do this we recommend you install Yoroi wallet and paste in one of the receive addresses. The address should start with addr1…. and is quite long. Make sure you copy it in full. Then confirm. Just to note we will shorten the length of the display of the wallet in our app afterwards. If you need more help on how to install Yoroi wallet you can look at this video.

Creating a buy order

Once all is set you should see the “Buy 3air” button come to life. Click it and you should see the following screen:

3air token presale — How to buy 3air

Here you can either choose how many 3air tokens you want to buy (first input field) or how much USD worth of 3air you want to buy (second input field). In the third field you can select what currency you want to use.

Once this is complete you will get an estimation of the required amount. This is only an estimation and the correct amount will be displayed on the next screen.

You proceed with clicking “Order” and you will come to this screen:

3air token presale — How to buy 3air

Here you can review your order and see the exact amount of the currency you need to transfer and the address you need to transfer to. Please copy the payment address and transfer the exact amount. Please be careful to include any fees that may apply to your transfer. The amount you see needs to be the amount we receive else the transaction will not be confirmed (refer to the exchange or wallet information to learn about the fees). You have 2 hours to complete your transfer.

After that everything is automatic. If you transferred the correct amount the button should turn from “Waiting payment” to “Completed”. Please be aware that transfers can sometimes take up to a few minutes to complete and they might get stuck (if the gas fee was set too low).

Your total amount will change and so will your limits.

Order limits

There is a general minimum for the public presale that is set at $600. You will not be able to place orders that are lower than this amount. On the high side there are 2 limits that you can see on your dashboard. The general limit is $15.000 and if you want to buy more, you will need to click the button “Raise buy limit” that will take to the next KYC step that will require you to provide Proof of Address. If successful, you will get the highest buy limit of $49.800.

How do you know I transferred the correct amount?

The system creates a unique wallet for each transfer. This way we can check the amount received and also your privacy is preserved.

How do I cancel my order?

If you created an order you don’t like but didn’t transfer the money, you simply go back and leave the order as is and create a new one.

Can I create multiple orders

Yes, you can create as many orders as you like up to the max limit.

I transferred too little/too much, what to do?

If you transferred to little you will need to send additional funds to the same wallet and the system will detect this automatically. If you transferred too much you can contact us at and we will refund you minus our transaction fees.

When will I receive my 3air tokens?

We first need to fill the public presale then TGE follows (Token Generation Event). We will send out tokens to the provided ADA wallet according to the vesting schedule (20% on TGE then linear 20% for 4 months).

3air is a decentralized telecom platform connecting people of Africa with broadband. Please visit for more information.