Connectivity NFTs

Connectivity NFTs

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Device NFTs
Connectivity NFTs
Uses of NFTs in the real world

 3air users will be able to acquire 3air services through the power of NFTs. This is done through an intelligent combination of device and connectivity NFTs. This article explains what the different types of NFTs are and how they interact with each other to ensure that 3air services are delivered reliably.

Device NFTs

In the first step, 3air will issue an NFT that will identify the hardware of the user. This will allow 3air to enable its services at the right device and give the owner the ability to clearly and unmistakably identify the hardware they are using. The hardware will contain an image of the actual device, its serial number and all the relevant information 3air needs to provide services to that device.

NFTs will also allow the end user to manage their connectivity at different locations. For example, a user may have a router connected at home and at their business. They would then own 2 device NFTs that can access 3air services.

Connectivity NFTs

The second type are Connectivity NFTs. These NFTs are used to provide information on the exact services that need to be provided to the Device NFT.

A user will be able to mint an NFT in the 3air marketplace. They will be able to choose the exact type and location of the services they would like to receive. A general NFT will be minted with an intrinsic value expressed in USD.

This is done for the NFTs to be truly interchangeable, as different services and different geographical locations have different service pricing. Additionally, once 3air opens the platform up to other providers, these NFTs would be freely transferable among every provider within the 3air ecosystem, as well to any geographical region and even for use in different services.

Once the user wants to use this NFT to access 3air services, the user stake them stakes the Connectivity NFT in the Device NFT. At this point, the user selects the provider and service. This information is already prefilled for easier usability, but the user also has the ability to change them to custom preferred settings.

Once activated, the NFT changes its initial intrinsic value from the USD nominated value to the exact service and provider. From this point on, the NFT can only be used for the activated service. If the service is time-based, the time starts counting from the moment of activation.

The user can at any point in time unstake their Connectivity NFT from the Device NFT and stake it in a different Device NFT to use the services there. The user can also sell, gift or rent their NFT.

3air expects that the secondary telecom services market will soon start trading and exchanging value at levels unprecedented in the space. Evidence of this can be seen in the rising popularity of mobile minutes in various African regions.

It also opens up possibilities for new business models and philanthropic donations in a form of sending a Connectivity NFT to a Device NFT from a school or a talented student that cannot afford it herself.


These NFTs will be build with expansion options and flexibility in mind. In the development of our blockchain platform, 3air is very mindful of the various cultures we reach; adapting technical and business solutions to every community is immense and important.

For instance, in places where trust is an issue, a 3AIR stake may be required within the Device NFT to guarantee safekeeping of the given hardware. If the hardware is not taken good care of or a user loses possession of their HW, the staked 3AIR tokens may be pulled.

Additionally, instead of setting up long term contracts, a long term staking pool can be used that returns the staked 3AIR tokens after the commitment period is over. If the user does not honor his commitment, the staked 3AIR tokens may be invoked.

These staked tokens may be part of the general staking pool and earn rewards that could help pay off used HW in places where upfront funding upfront may be required.

Uses of NFTs in the real world

The world of NFTs offer novel solutions that have additional benefits to their Web2 counterparts and will surely make their way into mainstream business solutions pretty soon. 3air is proud to be a pioneer of real-world utility NFTs in the form of connectivity NFTs and excited to use web3 to transform an otherwise traditional industry using novel technologies.



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