3air Weekly Update #1 - October 10, 2022

3air Weekly Update #1 - October 10, 2022

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Marketing & Community Update
Development Update

We would like to introduce our new format for weekly news and updates from 3air! 

We have posted weekly progress reports before, but this format is new - hence the #1 at the top. Our weekly news and updates will be your go-to overview for all of the past week’s highlights at 3air: from tech updates, to important announcements and community updates and news.

Marketing & Community Update

3air Token Launch in Review

Our CEO, Sandi Bitenc, wrote an in-depth overview of the events that happened during the 3air token launch. The post was well received by the community and gives you insights into all the moving parts of a token launch. 

Read it here

Partnership announcement with KALA Network

We announced a new partnership with KALA Network, Web3 SocialFi Platform which allows users to earn $KUDO tokens by socializing with their friends. The partnership will enable more newly onboarded users to earn tokens in interactive and user-friendly ways.

3air AMA with Sandi Bitenc and Anita Mlakar

On our last live weekly AMA on Youtube, Sandi Bitenc answered the most frequently asked questions from our community members.  Listen in to hear about connectivity in Nigeria, Sandi’s market update, 3air token utilities and NFTs.

Watch the replay here

Development Update

What has our development team been working on? Here are the biggest tech updates.

Fixed some design issues to improve usability of the 3air app

This should not have impacted many users, but if you noticed any issues please let us know what device and browser you are using.

Updated how we get data for filters and cut loading speed in half

Fetching data to display on our web app can be cumbersome, because we get it directly from the blockchain for minimum latency and maximum transparency. This could cause page load times to be higher on slower connections. With our new optimizations, the app loads quickly even without a first-world broadband connection.

Updated login checking and redirection back on previously visited page.

Some users reported wonky redirects after connecting their wallet. Now you will be always redirected to the page you were going to.

Added more clickable elements for better navigation through the app

We got some fresh eyes on the app which allowed us to identify some missing navigation helpers. Using the 3air app should feel more natural and fluid now.

More updates

  • Added ‘scroll to load more’ feature 
  • Updated price graph so users can now choose the time frame.
  • Added more ways to sort NFTs on the marketplace
  • Updated Staking page with more data.
  • Added more information to the staking page, to keep you better informed about the amount of staked 3AIR tokens.

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