3air Weekly AMA, October 26, 2022 - AMAVERSARY EDITION with Dustin Plantholt
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3air Weekly AMA, October 26, 2022 - AMAVERSARY EDITION with Dustin Plantholt

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Sandi Bitenc, CEO of 3air Joins the AMA:
Sandi on living in Dubai:
Dustin Plantholt joins the AMA:
Dustin makes an introduction:
Dustin on the Forbes Monaco Metaverse & Technology Gala:
Dustin on 3air:
Sandi on the Forbes Monaco Metaverse & Technology Gala:
Dustin on crypto experts:
Do you follow up on your advises?
What do people think about the current market state:
Who are the people that you work with?
How do you end your business relationships?
Giveaway Code:
Dustin on Sandi and 3air:
Sandi’s thoughts about Dustin:
Upcoming work and events:
Info on the AIBC Malta event:
Talking about poker and gambling:
Ruba joins the AMA:
Sandi’s Market update:
The bear market condition has caused little or no inflow of liquidity into DeFi, what do you intend to do to onboard more users and attract liquidity to 3air?
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This is a transcript from our weekly YouTube live AMA:

SPEAKERS: Anita Mlakar, Sandi Bitenc, Dustin Plantholt and Ruba Aramouny.

About AMA: This Wednesday marks 1 full year of weekly 3air AMAs. We’re celebrating with a giveaway, host Anita Mlakar, CEO Sandi Bitenc and special guest Dustin Plantholt, “The Count of Monte Crypto”! AMA

Duration: 01:08:50


Anita Mlakar: 00:22

Hello, everybody, and welcome to 3air’s AMA, this is a special one, and I’m so looking forward to this one. Anita Mlakar is my name. I’m the host of 3air’s AMAs. And I have a question for you. Do you know why this one is a special one? If you do know, please do write it down in the comment section. I will look it up in a couple of minutes. I’m really interested if you know. Maybe I can give you a hint. Just a hint, you know, look, just a hint. Okay. Why is this AMA so special? And maybe a little more special for Sandi and me also, and this is a question for you. I’m really looking forward to this one because 3air is with you as always, every Wednesday 5pm Central European Time.


I will do a short introduction of 3air and what we are doing right now. So, this is the world’s first blockchain platform that enables individuals and businesses to thrive on Web3 by providing broadband internet connectivity. 3 billion people cannot access blockchain services because they are not connected to the internet. So, we use proprietary technology to build broadband infrastructure where others have failed. What we’re trying to do is connect the unconnected and bank the unbanked and we are connecting people of Africa to internet with two technologies, that is K3 Last Mile Solution and 3air internet.


So, they will get digital identity from us. We also create their digital bank account, we are giving them a wallet. The next step is providing financial services. We have Fiat onboarding and off boarding ramp and peer to peer cash crypt onboarding, DeFi we are working on micro loans and yield farming. We have our outside partners, and they will provide additional digital revenue streams. And once we put people through all those steps, they are connected, they are banked and empowered. And all this time we are also educating people. And that is the real empowerment. We are doing that all the time. But every Wednesday we are here live with you. Before I will invite our people, our team to be a part of this AMA and of course our special guests. I would like to invite you to be a part of our communities. We are on Discord, on Twitter, on Telegram and you can subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you will know every time we are going live. Thank you for being with us. Thank you for being a part of what 3air is doing. And right now, I’m calling in first Sandi Bitenc, CEO of 3air.

Sandi Bitenc, CEO of 3air Joins the AMA:

Anita Mlakar: 03:12

Hello, Sandi.

Sandi Bitenc: 03:14

Hello, Anita. Hi, 3air fam.

Anita Mlakar: 03:17

Hey, we have also a Ruba Aramouny, Our Head of Marketing here. Ruba, hello, are you with us?

Sandi Bitenc: 03:25

Yeah, I think she needed to do some work. So, I think she’ll join later on.

Anita Mlakar: 03:30

Okay, so we will invite her a little later. We do have a special guest coming up in a minute. Sandi, but first, this is a special AMA. I’m just gonna check to see if people knew why this AMA is so special. Let me see. Okay, yes, I do see some right answers. Yeah. Wow. Yes, it is true. This is, we called it AMAversary. So, it is a really special one because- Oh my god Sandi, we are actually going live both of us every time, every Wednesday for the whole year.

Sandi Bitenc: 04:13

Exactly. We did not miss it once.

Anita Mlakar: 04:17

No, every Wednesday,

Sandi Bitenc: 04:21

Even when I was somewhere in the middle of the jungle.

Anita Mlakar: 04:25

Yes, true. And you came up just for a little while to say hello. And otherwise, you’re always here no matter where you were in the world out there. And I was also part of this AMA all the time. And this is really a special one. So, we are celebrating in a way. We have some giveaways for you and so on and so on. And I’m really looking forward to this one. Sandi, you are in Dubai right now?

Sandi Bitenc: 04:52

Yes, exactly.

Sandi on living in Dubai:

Anita Mlakar: 04:54

Okay, is something going on there? How is it? How is the weather? How is everything?

Sandi Bitenc: 05:01

I can tell you it’s not raining. I hope you’re not surprised. So, I do like this about Dubai. It’s seldom raining, I think. And I’m here now for two years, I’ve seen it rain three times. And I was probably lucky to see rain. So yeah, it’s nice. Things, in regards to the crypto space are picking up, there’s all the time, some events and so on. And look, it’s becoming more and more a Crypto hub to be honest. And I could literally be probably on a different event each night. So, it’s just getting crazy. And we haven’t been to any of the events for the past few days. It was just too much. And there’s so much work to do.

Anita Mlakar: 05:56

Yes. And you need to rest a little bit too now and then, just saying.

Sandi Bitenc: 06:01

Not yet.

Anita Mlakar: 06:04

Okay, Sandi. We have a special guest coming up today. I’m really looking forward to that he will be with us again. Because I really like listening to him. And he has so much knowledge. He’s a funny guy, and always smiling and in the good mood. So let me just say hello, and welcome, Dustin Plantholt.

Dustin Plantholt joins the AMA:

Anita Mlakar: 06:27

Hello, Dustin.

Dustin Plantholt: 06:28

Welcome. Hi, everybody. Sandi, good to see you again.

Sandi Bitenc: 06:31

Good to see you too, Dustin. We spent quite a lot of time together physically in the last month.

Dustin Plantholt: 06:40

We did, we got to travel quite a bit. And I will tell you, you’re a good travel companion like you’re fun and you’re always in a good mood.

Sandi Bitenc: 06:48

I think you beat me there to that. So yeah, it was an amazing time we had together.

Dustin Plantholt: 06:54

We did. It was good. And hello, everybody that is tuning in for this AMA.

Dustin makes an introduction:

Anita Mlakar: 07:00

Thank you, Dustin. And you will tell us more about this companionship and what was happening, of course. But first, Dustin, you’re the Count of Monte crypto, you’re the host of highly regarded lifestough.com and bitcoin.com Podcast and so on and so on. We will tell more about you. As we go along this AMA. You are a guest I think it was at the end of the summer. You are our guests already here. Then we tried once more, but the connection failed. And we are so happy to have you here today. Please, for those who maybe didn’t listen, I think it was at the end of August. Dustin, could you tell us a little bit about you and what you’re doing?

Dustin Plantholt: 07:41

Sure. So, I’m a global advisor in this Web3, Metaverse, NFT, Blockchain world, whatever you want to refer to it as, digital asset enthusiast. I’m also a writer on the editor for Forbes magazine in Monaco. So, for Forbes Monaco, and I happen to put on some really unique events there with my friends. And most recently, we did an event our Forbes Monaco Metaverse and Technology Gala which I invited Sandi to come, be a speaker and participate and did incredible job there on stage and talking about utility and what it actually means and how an NFT can have utility and not just be an ugly looking jpeg image.

Dustin on the Forbes Monaco Metaverse & Technology Gala:

Anita Mlakar: 08:19

Wow, this event that you were talking about, this is something that is really interesting. Of course, you would like to hear more about it. You said that also Sandi was there, and Sandi will also share what he was talking about, and how was it for him and of course, 3air. But can you tell us about a little this event? How was it? What was happening? How did you get the idea to make such an event?

Dustin Plantholt: 08:46

Yeah, so our first event we did was last year, and it was around NFTs crypto blockchain. And we wanted to do something a little different. We wanted to bring people into the Metaverse, or at least give them an idea of what it is and not what it’s not. And for those of you tuning in, you’ve heard this nine-letter word and I do believe this nine-letter word called the Metaverse will be the nine-letter word of the decade. companies and individuals are trying to figure out how they fit in,


This event, particular this year that we did in Monaco, we had well over 110 of some of the most fascinating and some of the most wealthiest people in the world converging together because they were curious. They want to know more. They want to better understand. Well, if we get into the Metaverse, what are the assets? And then that’s where we talked about NFTs and how that plays into its good-looking guy there, Sandi. The event was one where it was all about education, and that it was the next steps. The question that we asked the audience, or I asked the audience as the MC and host was, you now heard from some of the world’s greatest minds. Next question is how do you fit in? And then many of them now have gone out and talked to some of the companies that spoke at our event and getting to know a little bit more and asking good questions along the way. The world’s most powerful, world’s most dynamic, the biggest brands, they’re all curious. And they should be as most of you that are tuning in you too want to know how you fit in to this world. And this is what today I guess we’re going to talk about a little bit.

Anita Mlakar: 10:12

Yes, absolutely. Many, I’m sure announcements or updates were also from this event. Can you tell us more about that?

Dustin Plantholt: 10:22

Boy announcements! so we are going to do another one next year. My company Monte Crypto, we’re going to be doing an event, I am excited that some of you maybe can participate in it. But it comes to curiosity. You know, there’s a lot of information out there. The challenge that people have is what should I be listening to? And who should I be getting my advice from, and I don’t tell people how to spend their money. I think that each person has to look at their own risk tolerance. And then there’s this saying, and my coach says this to me, you can either ride the dragon or the dragon chases you. So, there are times throughout your career and in business, that you must make decisions and don’t make decisions based upon impulsivity. If you don’t have the information to make a decision, go ask a wise woman or a wise man and help to fill that in. And I’m sure around you, there’s a group of people that can help you and ask them, hey, here’s what I’m thinking. Should I go, and do it? Or should I hesitate?

Dustin on 3air:

Anita Mlakar: 11:16

Yeah, you’re wise man. That’s why we have you around. We were happy to have you around. Thank you. Talking about 3air because Sandi was also a part at this. Event, Metaverse Gala. So how was the 3air received by the crowd and individuals? Maybe Dustin from your point of view?

Dustin Plantholt: 11:38

So, I can tell you. Sandi and I we dug right into what 3air is building, the schools that you’re currently supporting in Sierra Leone and then we talked about this conversation of what is an NFT and making it easy for people to understand people like me, I don’t have the education that most of the people have in the world of crypto, or at least those that do it full time. I don’t have a PhD. I didn’t have an MD. I didn’t have my bachelor’s or BS. I didn’t have it. But what I did was I wanted to go out and find the answer. I was curious. So, it’s learning.


What Sandi was able to do there on stage was to talk to them about what he knows. And if he doesn’t know something Sandi will tell you, I don’t know but that’s a good question. So, he was explaining the utility aspect that NFTs can be so much more, it can be your digital identity, it can protect it, it can secure it. And it could do it in a way that’s both decentralized but also protected from intruders and people that candidly shouldn’t know everything about you. So, it was an innovative event. Our takeaway from the billionaire’s was when’s the next one. And then lots of other great ideas come with it. And there’s a lot of technology out there a lot of innovation that’s being built around this ecosystem. And I’m excited to say that we’re part of helping to bring these innovative companies out and get them to see them.

Sandi on the Forbes Monaco Metaverse & Technology Gala:

Anita Mlakar: 12:57

Okay, thank you. Sandi, how did you see it from your aspect?

Sandi Bitenc: 13:05

So, from my side, it was a totally different event that I’m used to, to go. It was a different crowd that I was addressing, and also the conversations around it were different. But the event itself was very well organized. Dustin, and his team did a great job. And also, the attendance I was quite surprised, you know, on who was actually attending the event. And I immediately got additional follow up meetings just the next day because I was staying one day longer than post event. And, yeah, I had my day full of meetings afterwards. And it was really good. But I do see that there is still a lack of knowledge about it. So, as I was asked a lot of it’s a simple questions, and it’s good. It’s good that I see that there is a lot of interest and about this also, you know, in Monaco in the really high wealth, the individuals that are also looking into potentially investing in this space.

Dustin on crypto experts:

Anita Mlakar: 14:25

Yes. And you said how important it is, of course, to give people answers, that means to educate them. And Dustin you speak to a lot of high-profile people, you said yourself and of course you’re doing that across the world, including people highly placed in crypto, also hear that at this event. So what we love to do is, of course, learn from people who are experts and what they do so maybe they can share. You can share some insights. What do they do right now? Let’s Say what they’re doing in current markets.

Dustin Plantholt: 15:04

So, I don’t think of myself as the expert, I go to experts. I’m just a good connector. And so, when I start a conversation with name of the brand or name of the individual, and I’ll say to them, what do you want? What is it you’re looking to actually achieve? And is it someone else’s dream? Or is it your dream? And then from there, I figure out how they fit in to this ecosystem, because that’s really what it is. You know, this blockchain, Blockchain provides such a unique opportunity for innovation, because creativity spurs creativity that this wasn’t about, my role is not about shilling tokens or coins, I tell people, you do your own due diligence, you do your own research, the truth is always somewhere in the middle, and most things, go find out what it is. But the people that come to me, they typically do know what they want, or they’re getting closer to know what they want. And they recognize that they need to be innovative, and they need to be uncommon. And that blockchain allows you to do that, if you’re starting a company that you realize right now, there are grants available on many of these various different blockchains that can help you go start your company, they can give you what you need to be able to create something that will quite frankly, doesn’t have the same friction. And they can give you programmers to help create accountability and mentorship. So, there’s so much available out there that most don’t know how to find it, and they don’t know how to get it. And that’s where sometimes they come to me and I’ll say, let me tell you what I found. And let me connect you with people that I think could be a good contact for you. And a good fit.

Sandi Bitenc: 16:27

Yeah, exactly what I do like, about you, really, you instantly get what the project is about. And when I when I’m looking, you know, at the value in an advisor, it’s not that I’m coming to him and telling him what we actually need. And this is what’s coming from your side, you were actually telling us what you think we need, and it makes sense. And that’s the best value that the project can actually get. So yeah, it’s amazing. So, thanks.

Dustin Plantholt: 17:05

Well, I like Sandi because you’re open to it. I mean, when I give people my own opinion, it’s Do I have your permission to sometimes hurt your feelings? They’re like, Yeah, of course, you have my permission. And then it’s tough love and reality. Let me give you the tough love. Let me give you the reality of the market conditions. Let me tell you what the buyers want. You know, there’s this saying, and everyone’s probably heard of it. And he goes, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over and expecting a different result. I mean, we all know somebody that’s gone through seven or eight or nine different jobs in the past four or five, six years, and you think, well, the thing that they all have in common is you and maybe something needs to happen and change. And what I find is really unique about digital enthusiast or digital asset enthusiast is that they all are curious. And they don’t most of them don’t fit in, in this legacy world. They just don’t think like everybody else.


That’s what’s interesting Sandi is big around people like yourself, high performance individuals, is that they make you better because they’ll make you think like you’ve never thought before and they will challenge you. So as an advisor, I get the challenge, really an innovative individuals who also come to me to say what do you think and I started well, here’s what I say success leaves clues. Here’s what I’m hearing and failure leaves clues. Here’s what I’ve seen is not working. Throwing that amount of money is not going to fix your problem. It is not about creating mercenaries it is how do we develop more loyalists, because loyalist will introduce you to friends, family and business associates. But the loyalist aspect comes in with transparency. And people help to support what they helped to create. And it’s about that inclusion.


So as an advisor, I try to figure out ways to how can we include more, I’m very big on legacy. My earliest days of my life were foster care. So, I do understand empathy. I get it not everybody was born at a great place in life. Some like myself that I always had to fight a little harder. But that’s a good thing. Because it means it becomes your fuel.

Do you follow up on your advises?

Anita Mlakar: 19:00

This is what a good advisor does. And you are one, I was just going to ask you, when you give people advice. Do you then maybe follow up what they do with that advice? Or do you just leave it to them.

Dustin Plantholt: 19:13

So, I always want more for others than they want for themselves. Because I can see more. I see from my own lens. But what I’ve learned is that your attitude will determine your altitude. So, it starts with your attitude. If it’s somebody that is a true learner, then I can come in and say how you doing on that thing. You know the thing we talked about the thing that’s been taking away your piece, or the thing that you want a piece of, and it’s called so one of my mentors name’s Erik Weir great website. Go to his website, buy his book. Yes, I’m shilling it. www.erikweir.com. He has an excellent book called who’s eating your pie. And it comes to in life that you only have so many hours during a day, and you only have so much mental capacity is what’s getting your pie what percentage of your time and then prioritizing that time. So, the people that I work with people like Sandi and some of the others globally, I work with them on deciding what should get their time. Because for an executive that’s building a company, many times, unfortunately, social media can be draining because it’s 24/7 days a week. So, I work with them on creating maybe different patterns, but ultimately improving outcomes.

What do people think about the current market state:

Anita Mlakar: 20:24

Because you’re in touch with them, talking to them. Also, this event was such an occasion and opportunity for that. What do people right now think about fluctuations in token prices, as we are seeing them right now. And of course, the market situation.

Dustin Plantholt: 20:39

So, I can only speak broadly about any asset class. So, it’s when- I’m gonna use. I don’t know the saying, I don’t think anybody truly knows exactly what the words were. But it goes something like when there’s blood in the streets, when everybody’s afraid when everybody’s running for the fences. Traditionally, that’s when different kinds of money comes in. Because they’re not the ones that run, they’re in it now long term. And then what they start to see is in the asset classes, it’s starting to stabilize and then those, that analytics is what they determined for their own risk threshold. I do not think, right.


Again, this is my opinion, that if there are other areas in your life, that your money should be going to paying down debt, you should go pay down debt, if it is free money to go do then I’d suggest maybe meeting with somebody locally to say, look, here’s my account, or this is what I have. But I do believe a percentage of a person’s assets should be in digital assets. I do believe it. And it’s like any other asset class. So, the people that I work with, I don’t tiptoe like I’m doing over on line right now, because I want somebody to catch me an aha moment. But I do recommend people to put a percentage of their investable assets after they’ve paid off high interest debt, but a percentage should go into digital assets. You can’t, this is the single greatest opportunity that most people ever have of getting into an ecosystem. That’s young.


I mean, if you look at the stock exchange, the New York Stock Exchange, over 130 years ago, it happened, it began. And most people don’t hesitate to rush out right now and go put money into it after 130 years, we’re at the beginning of an asset class that will be worth many trillions of dollars. I do not believe fundamentally in the shilling of tokens or coins, but I look as what are the projects behind them? What are they building? What sort of utility? And then looking at it from that aspect? Is it utility driven? And if so, well, you’re gonna have to take a risk if you’re going to be buying digital assets, would you rather go with a project where you see the founder, you know what he or she looks like, or go with a project where the person has an ugly looking jpeg image avatar on the website, you’re like, I don’t even know who they are, where they live anything about them. Because investors like myself, that worked really hard for our money, I wasn’t handed anything, I wasn’t given a trust fund that I looked now to protect my wealth, and it’s not life changing that some people might think because to me, I’m around a lot of people have life changing money. And even they’re worried of, well, look, if there’s another great recession, what happens, I look long term, and creating a cookbook, and in your cookbook should be learning about digital assets, learning about what it is and what it’s not understanding and defining how you fit in.


Then for many people out there, so I have a brand-new company that is launched and I’m personally taking on Crypterns. If you’re looking to come into crypto, and you’re serious, and not the kind that says I want to make a lot of money like I am not the right person. But if you want to learn that a Crypterns is what you need, and you can go through running all aspects of a business. So you can start your own company or maybe that thing you’ve always wanted to do was just to be around creative people and be part of a process driven. So, I create Crypterns. I’m announcing it here. And I’m sure Sandi will sign up with 3air, we’ll create some Crypterns as well. And this is about how you grow it’s including others and letting them become part of the conversation. If we go alone, we can go far, but I’m convinced we go together. We’ll all go further.

Sandi Bitenc: 24:08

I think we are already sign up for Crypterns.

Dustin Plantholt: 24:10

You are. I want you to announce that Sandi, I want you to say yes. We’re part of Crypterns.

Sandi Bitenc: 24:16

We are.

Who are the people that you work with?

Anita Mlakar: 24:18

Okay. Dustin, we did talk a little bit about that already. But I’m still going to ask you who are people that you work with? Who are… I’m calling them my people you know, because there comes a time in life when you decide who you want to work with not only work with everybody who comes along and wants to work with you. And so, who are your people? And you were talking a little bit how do you choose or appreciate about people who you work with or the team that you work with?

Dustin Plantholt: 24:48

That’s a really great question. And I will tell you if you’ve ever built a company, if you’ve ever worked in a company, that’s a startup in the early days, everyone’s trying to figure out each other. And as a founder, you know, sometimes in the beginning, you might be a little bit impulsive. And you might bring on the wrong people. And then over time, the right people come into the mix. And it’s about being that learner mentality.


So, the people that I have, and by the way, Tommy, great question, Sandi, if you can put into the Telegram chat, and we’ll come back to the question, but if you can put in the Telegram chat, www.ErikWeir.com and it’s “Who’s eating your pie”. So great book, highly recommend, who’s eating your pie by Erik Weir.


So back to I have parted ways, by the way with a number of companies over the past year. So, number of clients where it just wasn’t a good fit. And it wasn’t a good fit because they were Knowers. And the knower aspect is how could you know if some of the wealthiest people in the world that have created some of the biggest brands? If they come to me and say, I don’t know, how could you possibly know. And that’s the part that I only work with learners, people that are willing to take that tough love and reality. And my team, they’re amazing, I have a team of rockstars. And the team keeps growing.


That’s the book, I love this book, I would highly recommend that Sandi, you give out like 1 million copies of it, “Who’s eating your pie?” It’s a phenomenal book, it’s gonna get you to challenge you in every aspect of your life. In the evening, you have the hours of 10pm to 11pm. Open, what are you doing with it? Is it Netflix? Is it a documentary series? Or is it improving the outcome? Back to the definition of insanity is you’re gonna keep doing it the same way and said, well, one day it’s going to change but it’s not. It’s going to be the same outcome.


So, asking yourself in business, what do you want? And then I’m at the stage of only quality people because people either fuel you or they drain you. It is nowhere in the middle. And I like to be around a stage where I am at my frequency in life is people feel me. I love it because they make me better. I can ask them questions without feeling judgement, I can say Sandi, what do you know? Can you teach me or Dr. Romp what do you know or some other it could be the March of Dimes. So, the United States, the March of Dimes is an organization supporting mommies and babies. And I’m their Web3 and Metaverse, advisor and I love their mentalities. How can we help our volunteers? How can we help them, give them access to all the different resources that they have and that’s where it NFT collection, given away, including into the Metaverse becomes part of it. And I’m helping a number of other foundations globally to do the same thing is how do we connect people and create legacy? And it’s time to give back? You know, why do we have to have borders? Why do we have to have this friction of well, I’m from one country you are another, and we have to be enemies? Why? Why can’t we come together with a common goal, and that is to leave this world far better than the way we found it. And that, to me, is my philosophy and the people around me, Sandi included their philosophy as well, leave this world far better than the way you found it. Don’t become part of the problem, create the solution.

How do you end your business relationships?

Anita Mlakar: 27:59

Well, thank you, Dustin how do you end the relationship that it’s not working?

Dustin Plantholt: 28:06

So usually, it’ll come to the spot where you’re both frustrated, it’s not working. One person just has to have courage. And I referred to courage is not having fear. Courage is not allowing the fear to stop you. And it’s having that conversation to say, look, this isn’t working. It’s not working for me, I can’t speak for you. But these are the areas by which it’s not working out. And then you have to make a decision that is all relationships come with a cost. Do you burn a bridge? Or do you let the bridge over time just do its own thing and come back to it?


So, I have relationships where I’ve let them go, where I clearly knew it, it’s okay to say it from time to time, this is the bridge, I never want to go back over our morals and ethics don’t match. Because in this world of blockchain, this world of business in general, well, we know something is legal, or it’s not, we clearly can see it. There’s these other areas called morals and ethics, and they swing in the wind. So, I had a client that I quickly realized that their morals and ethics did not match my own. I am not big when a company will make claims of 1000s of people, we have 1000s of individuals, 1000s of and then they can’t back that up. I’m very big on fact, checking companies and I call them out on it. You cannot make a claim that you can do something and you can’t and you cannot create events and you can’t go do things unless you can actually do it.


So, Monte Crypto my company, one of the things that we’re working on is a new type of report, to give people access to know the events, who really showed up? who were the people involved? What will it be like? I’m all about quality. It’s not quantity. I’d rather have 50 amazing people at an event than 5000 because there’s 50 people will feel you.


So, in your own life. Dan Pena, I’m not saying he has to be your role model or mentor. But I have a lot of mentors around the world. And Dan is one of them. And he once said to me, Dustin, show me your phone now I was kind of nervous. I’m like, Alright, here you go. And he said, show me, your friends, and I will show you your future. And that’s the question I now ask of others is, show me who’s taking your time? Who throughout the day, do you talk to who messages you? Who is it? And are they fueling you? Or are they draining you? Because we’re all running out of time. You know, many people will get to a stage, and they’re frustrated, like, why aren’t I further and I go because of you. Because you haven’t learned.


Now when you’ve reached that stage of learning, you go, aha, and I go, right, it’s that moment. And I had my own in business, my aha moment that it wasn’t about money. It was what do I really want. And I’m all about creating impact about doing something that is multi-generational, one that quite candidly, your greatest aspiration, your greatest goal, the ones that, to me should be your master plan. And that is, you want them and see it in your lifetime. It’ll be your heirs that see it. Because it’s their story, they’re inheriting your story is you inherited his story, or history or her story. And if you look all the way back, how many generations.


Recently, I received on Instagram, this video with this person was talking about ancestors. And I think went back like 400 generations and I went, wow, 4000 plus people got you here. Now, what are they going to say about you? What are your heirs? your nieces? your nephews? anybody that comes after? Did you make their life harder than it had to be? Or were you able to give them the edge. And so, I work with people that at least at this stage. They want to give it away.


Perfect example yesterday, on the Lifestyle podcast, I interviewed David Green. So that name to some they might not know it, they’re gonna Google it or look it up. But David, he founded a company called Hobby Lobby, Hobby Lobby started as a craft store, he just sell picture frames. Well, the picture frames became more than that. It became an ecosystem. And that ecosystem today, an $8 billion a year company, a company that has 40,000 employees, 900 locations, and his sole purpose now at 82 years old, is to give it all away, to give away all the wealth that he had accumulated all of it, because he realized that for him and his heirs, the greatest thing they can do is one that just keeps on giving. And you don’t have to have money to give back. It’s your time. Where’s it going? And who could you help support and it could be something as simple as, hey, Sandi, I heard you’re under the weather thinking about you. These one moment, the small things that act of kindness, it’s paying for the person’s latte behind you or paying for the cappuccino or buying somebody’s meal or buying the drink, or paying for the tollbooth, that can be the difference of that person making a dent and a difference in someone else’s life. But it starts with your own of what do you want. So long. I know I can talk forever. But that just goes into a little bit of what happens in the day of the Count of Monte Crypto.

Anita Mlakar: 32:54

Wow, thinking about our legacy, right? Very important thing.

Giveaway Code:

Sandi Bitenc: 33:03

I’ll jump here in, this is our code down there. So, for today’s giveaway, and we’re giving away 3x 50 BUSD. So, you need to log into app.3air.io into our website, connect your wallet. And then you’ll see the giveaway there. And the giveaway code is “AMAVERSARY22”.

Anita Mlakar: 33:29

This is your opportunity, you know to win.

Sandi Bitenc: 33:33

We’ll have a draw later on.

Anita Mlakar: 33:35


Dustin Plantholt: 33:37

You know I like because I think what you just created, there was a learn to earn, you are learning, and we will reward you for learning.

Sandi Bitenc: 33:45

Yeah, and I have to say great. You know, life lessons. Absolutely. Because they are life lessons. And they will change your life. And I tend to follow actually what you said, and it works. Absolutely. And also, about breaking up relationships that drain you. I think it’s really hard and the problem is that you need to be in a sense, you need to be rude and ruthless. But that’s just what it takes, right. And afterwards, everything is better.

Dustin Plantholt: 34:27

I think that’s what it comes down to is afterwards everything will become clearer, because not all relationships come to block your path. Not all endings not all storms, some actually come to clear it because it’s in your clarity, that you finally understand what your own motive is and what their motive is. And all relationships do come with a cost and motives, everybody has them and that’s okay. But until you figure out what you want, then you’re never going to understand them. Because in life it’s about getting to know with getting to know me and have you ever really done a deep dive and sometimes doing the deep dive, not very fun. Because you’ll start to see that a lot of things that you’ve done throughout your life, you’ll make more whacks than you did. And sometimes you might have taken more than you gave. And you might have hurt some people along the way. And you might have done some things you weren’t too proud of. And yet, what’s fascinating is will always hold others to a higher standard, won’t we? We always will look into that they hurt me ago, imagine who you’ve hurt? they let me down, well imagine who you’ve let down? And it’s at that moment of forgiveness.


Forgiving others is where you ultimately set the prisoner free, and you realize that it was you because a mind that lives in the past. It locks itself in the past. But if you want to move forward, and you got to determine is what do you need to let go of? What is that baggage? What is that burden. And many times, it’s just simple as forgiveness, maybe forgiving yourself for something you did, or some of us like I lost my sister, which was one of my big aha moments in life, I lost her to an overdose in 2014. And I should have seen it coming. I should have been there, I should have done more. And what happens is when you lose somebody that you never got to say goodbye to and you know that you could have done more for it, it doesn’t necessarily have to be somebody who passed away, it could be somebody that left the area or left the neighborhood or left a relationship or that you realize that you weren’t as focused to the things that mattered. And it was in that time in my life that I was distracted by thinking money mattered. And it was all about money. And it was all about building a company.


And what I recognized back then, which I know now is that the people in your life, the family, you need to hold on to them. And you need to forgive them for any of the wrongs that they hurt you and any of the things that they say or do. Because you haven’t always been so awesome along the way. And as a former foster kid, that experience is what I learned from.


So back to the kind of the question and coming back around is you don’t connect with people candidly on strengths, you connect with people on weaknesses. And that’s what I believe this world of digital assets bring, it brings in people that didn’t fit in, over there. They weren’t like that other group. And in this world, they’re accepted and a judgement free zone. And so that’s what I do. I pulled together some really unique people, that Sandi, you’re now in my family and you’ve met other family members of mine, to say that it doesn’t have to be one through blood, it can be one by saying, look, let’s all hold each other accountable. Because if we do this together, which we can, we can be so much stronger, and we can bring an army of people Crypterns along with us to do it.

Sandi Bitenc: 37:33

It does feel like family. Absolutely. We take care of each other.

Dustin on Sandi and 3air:

Anita Mlakar: 37:40

And talking about 3air and Sandi. Dustin, what was it that convinced you?

Dustin Plantholt: 37:48

You know how analytical he is? He thinks deep and I like that. Because it means he’s not impulsive. You have many of these young founders and he’s like the old man like me now. But many of the younger founders in the blockchain or crypto space, they go into with thinking that their past experience will be enough. And I go, but you’re new to this. And so, they’ll come in, and they’ll think well, we just spent a lot of money, we’ll succeed and go well, they realize that doesn’t work. But what they don’t realize is that there has to be many models, your worst case, your base case, your best case. And what I like about Sandi is he’s always considering the outcomes and the possibilities, and he’s willing to pivot. And he’s willing to put his own money where his mouth is to do that along the way. And I like that, because there are many blockchain and crypto founders out there quite candidly, that are in this for one thing, they’re in it for their money, pure and simple. They do not care about you, you are the sheep to them. And there are wolves, and they’re out there. And I think that many times, what I would challenge people to do is before you go put your money into something, name the project, ask more questions and go in their LinkedIn profile. Where have they worked? How are they strong enough to take on the C suite role? How are they wise enough to know as a marketing professional to follow the customer when they don’t have the experience to know well, what are the 50-year-olds want? What are the 60-year-olds want? What are the 40-year-olds want? What are the 30-year-olds want? Because there’s so many different market demographics, they all want different things. They’re at different stages in their life.


So, what I look for is, who’s their advisory team? Who do they have an advisory team out of these people that shield coins or tokens, there mercenaries move on to the next project. If they’re a company that actually has on people that had built companies that are verifiable their identities, you can see them that it’s those people behind the scenes that are having the conversations with people like, well, people like Sandi and some of the others out there. There’s a lot of quality companies but there’s equally a lot of companies that are not good and you should stay far away.


Right now, most blockchain projects, most and I’m not saying the top 25 are 50 but most of the top projects out there, their runway is this. And as you can see on the screen, it’s not very large. It’s not very long. Because they all over promised. And they over promised, and they will under deliver. Because of their inexperience. They were Knowers. I know we know our roadmap and 24 months ago, but what if it lasts 36? What if it lasts 48 because it comes to being a captain, because captains are not made when the waters are easy. You’re not a captain in a bay, if the water doesn’t move, you’re a captain when it’s tough, it’s hard. And what I liked about Sandi was he made a claim. And a lot of people make bold claims to me that they’re all sorts of things. And they’ve done all sorts of impressive, but he claimed that he was a world record holder in freediving or apnea. And it was a 24-hour record. And I went online to Google. So, my best friend googly. And guess what it checked out? Actually, it was a three-part video, doesn’t have a lot of views, Sandi one day, we have to change that. But it tells me you weren’t willing to cheat and go by views which by the way, yes, there are websites to go buy friends, to go buy followers and to go buy fake views. Sandi wasn’t willing to do that. He put out his- I think it’s a three-part video, by the way on YouTube, that it showed Sandi completing a record in 24 hours swim time, that told me immediately he’s a captain, he set a goal when he wasn’t going to quit, that you literally would have to kill him or he did have to be put into a coma for him not to do what he said he was going to do.


So, while I cannot control the outcome of companies that I work with, I don’t plan on parting ways. When I start with somebody, I can tell you, I’ve broken bread with Sandi. And to the best of my knowledge, I can never know everything about a human being as he can’t know everything about the Count is he’s one of the good guys. And that’s why he was one of the good guys. And he told me things that sometimes made me say, you’re right, or you’re wrong. And I like that because he’s willing to push back. He’s willing to tell you in return, okay, well, here’s what I think. But he’s willing to take advice. And he’s willing to move very quickly because he recognizes, we’re not in the crawl stage anymore. We’re barely in the walk. We’re now in a race. It really is a race. But you’ve got to make sure you’re doing it right. And success leaves clues. And Sandi knows that.

Sandi’s thoughts about Dustin:

Anita Mlakar: 42:17

Sandi, what do you say about that?

Sandi Bitenc: 42:20

I’m speechless. But yeah, I think that was the nicest thing that anyone said about me. So, thanks.

Anita Mlakar: 42:28

Well, on this special AMAversary day. Thank you very much, Dustin. Sandi, what was it that convinced you about Dustin?

Sandi Bitenc: 42:39

Well, it was his energy actually. So immediately when we started speaking, and it was also so the first contact was actually with his team. Already his team convinced me. There’s so many people that just talk and talk. And I cannot say that I’m running 3air for really long, long time. But within a year and a half, that I’ve been running it, I met so many people that were just all talk and no execution behind it. But with Dustin, things were different. So, we actually had a meeting next day, we were already talking about what we are doing together. It was incredible. And then I was really, really surprised and all the stuff that that was coming later with all the contacts. I just felt this, it’s the right thing, and it will work out and I was not wrong. So, and even if you listen to him right now, it’s impossible to say no to him. And it’s not only about him, selling you something because it’s not, it’s actually he. This is how he is and I can confirm that it’s also- we had some disagreements, right? But I think I take this as a good thing. It’s actually a good thing. Only when you disagree on something you can actually grow out of it. And that’s what people sometimes don’t understand. I actually liked the disagreements because it makes me better it makes 3air better. And this is where I can always talk to him. And as I said, so he’s not bullshitting. That’s the thing.

Dustin Plantholt: 44:28

Sandi that was very nice. I did not pay him to say that. But Sandi that means again, I know you’re like brutally honest to me, but we’re not on the air like we are literally so brutally honest with each other. And I like that. So, at this stage again, I consider you a friend. So always fun we can get on together and talk.

Sandi Bitenc: 44:46


Upcoming work and events:

Anita Mlakar: 44:48

Nice. Another question Dustin, can we talk a little bit about the upcoming work and events?

Dustin Plantholt: 44:56

The upcoming work and events. So upcoming work, my cannot speak for what is in Sandi’s head, I’m always creating activity, there’s always something special going on. And when I think there could be some really great inclusion into the 3air family, I can make sure that Sandi pushes it out and Ruba and the other incredible teams and yourself as well, I can push that out to community members. As I mentioned, I would like to do an event in 2023 on event to rule them all. One that would be a little different, but one more education. So, under the Monte Crypto Brand, we do Crypterns Summit. So, for those of you that are looking for jobs, and they got to earn them, it’s not handed. Crypterns education to become part of something bigger, and to have candidly a family approach because I do believe that’s what’s needed. I know for a fact it is. So, pulling people together is part of it. And 3air already announced that they are one of our supporters for Crypterns.

Anita Mlakar: 45:53

Thank you very much!

Info on the AIBC Malta event:

Sandi Bitenc: 45:55

I’ll put you on the spot. But I think we’ll be seeing each other shortly in just over two weeks in Malta.

Dustin Plantholt: 46:04

Yeah, probably in Malta together. So, I’m a moderator and a host at AIBC.WORLD. So, for those of you that want to learn a little bit more about crypto and blockchain and technology and innovation, I’m not a gambler. But there are gambling companies there as well. During that time, go on AIBC.world and Malta is November 14 through the 18th. And you’ll meet some interesting people and maybe you’ll say hi to the Count and Sandi will be there with me.

Sandi Bitenc: 46:34

It’s pushed to from 15th to 19th. It’s from 15th till 90th and they separated it with Sigma, it’s going to be kind of a bit of overlapping, but it’s going to be in a totally different place. So, the gaming part, the gambling part is going to be separated from the blockchain part. Totally.

Talking about poker and gambling:

Dustin Plantholt: 47:01

I like that on a personal level. As I said, I am not a gambler. I’m not against people doing it. That’s their own decisions. I stick to this world of blockchain technology. And it’s kind of like, that’s my focus.

Sandi Bitenc: 47:12

I was actually a casino manager in my end of 20s. So, I was I was running a casino for almost four years. And yeah, it was, let’s say it was something that was interesting from the beginning, but it trains you that actually trains. It’s a lot about looking at people when they’re actually it usually gets out of control. I was lucky because what we did was a bit different. So, we actually had the majority of our clients were there to really have fun not to really gamble, but to have fun to spend the smaller amounts of money, have a good lunch or dinner, enjoy some free drinks. And that was mostly it. But there were some people that were really gamblers. And that, you know, looking at this interests you.

Dustin Plantholt: 48:17

It must because as I said a comment earlier that in poker, if you sit down to the table, you can’t spot the weakest player to you that you must have seen it continuously happen. You’re like that person’s done, that person’s done, that person’s done. And that’s the way I look at it now from my lens in this crypto space is the companies that are marketing towards you what they’re looking to create what they’re doing. This is where all of you tuning in, you need to go learn, educate yourself on what it is go ask really solid questions, because I do not want you to be the one that they’re going after. Because the more knowledge you have knowledge is the new rich.

Anita Mlakar: 48:54

Well, this was so inspiring today, educational, we learned so much. Find out so much, Dustin we are so happy to have you here AMAversary edition. We couldn’t wish for better guest for this occasion. So, thank you very much for being a part of it.

Dustin Plantholt: 49:15

It is my pleasure. And Tommy, thank you so much for all the comments. I do not play poker, so I would never play against Sandi.

Sandi Bitenc: 49:23

I also don’t play poker, just you know. I never gambled myself. So, I was actually just trying it out just a bit to know what people are actually doing it. So, I know how it works, but I never gambled myself.

Dustin Plantholt: 49:39

I like what you just said there. Sorry Sandi go ahead.

Sandi Bitenc: 49:43

If you’re working in a casino, you cannot be a gambler. And then it’s game over for you. It’s like being a drunk in, alcoholic running a nightclub.

Dustin Plantholt: 49:54

I was asked this question by somebody recently in Monaco that said, isn’t it gambling? Buying digital assets. And I said, you know what’s gambling? Buying real estate during COVID, after the price had already inflated 30-40-50%. That is gambling. Gambling is buying an asset already at an after had run all the way up. And we knew from past experience decades and decades and decades of information to say, well, what goes up is going to come down. And when interest rates change, yes, they will change. And when they do all the sudden the people that come once afford the smaller house can’t anymore, the big house can’t anymore. That is gambling. What I think is interesting about digital assets is you cannot go borrow more than you have. You cannot go to a bank and say, oh, give me a million dollar loan that doesn’t operate like that. So that DeFi question earlier. And I don’t think I saw it, all of it. He said, you should only- my opinion, only should be playing in the DeFi space. Once you know the protocol, once you understand and make sure that their smart contract or platform is being audited. It’s being done right. And then to sit deciding on what allocation of your assets that’s between you and your advisor. The DeFi space is unique. There’s lots of opportunities in it to get returns. But there’s also risk associated and that’s the thing that most people don’t really look at is there is downside with some of these protocols.

Sandi Bitenc: 51:16

Yeah, I would say gambling, there is a lot of gambling in the tokens, in the crypto space. So, it does not need to be gambling, but mostly it’s to be honest. I think gambling, it comes down to gambling where you’re purely playing it by luck. And there’s a lot of people, they’re just playing the crypto game by luck and investing in tokens that they didn’t do their due diligence, maybe they’re just putting some money in because they heard it somewhere and they hope they’ll get lucky. They don’t even think about it. They’re hoping they’re get lucky, right? But it is about that. But if you do your due diligence, and really understand what the project is doing, and not investing in tokens where you are expecting to create, you know, have 1000x, then I don’t think it’s gambling. But it takes a lot of work and research behind it, then it’s not gambling anymore.

Anita Mlakar: 52:17

Okay, thank you. Thanks for both of you for opinions about that. And thank you very much. Of course, Dustin for being our guest today.

Dustin Plantholt: 52:28

My pleasure.

Anita Mlakar: 52:29

Do come back soon. And you will be in Malta together, then we will need to hear what was happening there. So, looking forward to having you back again. Thank you very much.

Dustin Plantholt: 52:43

Sounds good.

Anita Mlakar: 52:44

And we will just stay with Sandi to share and to do the drawing of this AMAversary game that we have today. And then we will also say goodbye. Thank you very much, Dustin.

Dustin Plantholt: 52:57

Thank you, everybody. Blessings to you and your family and friends and I’ll see you in the next one.

Anita Mlakar: 53:02


Sandi Bitenc: 53:02

Thank you. Bye.

Anita Mlakar: 53:07

Okay, so we have some things to do. There are also some questions coming in, and of course, some congrats for our AMAversary.

Sandi Bitenc: 53:19

Let’s get Ruba in.

Anita Mlakar: 53:23

Oh, is Ruba here? Okay.

Sandi Bitenc: 53:24

Yes, she came in and she’s waiting.

Ruba joins the AMA:

Anita Mlakar: 53:28

Ruba, hey.

Sandi Bitenc: 53:29


Ruba Aramouny: 53:30

Hello, everybody.

Anita Mlakar: 53:32

Hello now we do have you on. And it is time, of course. Also, for surprises to share. But first Sandi, we did talk a little bit about it. Is there something that Ruba would like to share about market situation right now?

Sandi Bitenc: 53:50

I don’t know how much Ruba has time. So, if she’s pressed a bit for time, we can do the draw right now. And then I’ll speak a bit about the market.

Anita Mlakar: 53:59

Ruba, how are you?

Sandi’s Market update:

Ruba Aramouny: 54:01

I’m good. You can do the market update first.

Sandi Bitenc: 54:04

Either way, so this week, I’ll be very quick. Didn’t have any time to really prepare and dig up some information, but we saw some good price action on the main coins. So, Bitcoin is again over 20k. That’s really nice. We got some short squeezes in I don’t know exactly what is happening right now. But I think that there’s a lot of talk right now that the US the FEB will not be able to actually continue raising the rates and that they will be forced to pivot. Maybe, maybe not. That’s kind of a gambling situation right now, I would say.


I think we last week we talked quite a bit about that the world is actually breaking under the pressure of the dollar and the interest rates on all the debt that is being denominated in the dollar. And all the debt actually needs to then be paid the interest rates that the US is kind of setting forth. So, yeah, the world is a bit breaking under that pressure. So, I think that’s the majority why the speculators and the money is now flowing again into the digital assets and risk on assets, as we call them. So hopefully a this continuous next week on the second, I think that’s a Wednesday, right, we will be hearing about the next rate hikes. And I think that the current market predicts that it will not be as bad as it is, as it was announced. So, a small pivot is expected. That’s why the markets are rallying, but you know, it can go either way. So next Wednesday will be one of the big decisions.


There is also the midterm elections are coming, I don’t know, on the 15th of November or something like that. So, this is, again, why they think that there will be a pivot to a bit release the pressure in the market. Now, that’s always good to get some votes in. And so, this is what I think that currently is happening. It’s a bit surprising to me that we got the war situation a bit more tightened, and some nuclear threats were done, and so on. And the experts are actually right now, kind of evaluating the situation, and then from their side, it’s around 20 to 25 probability that we could have a nuclear attack from Russia, on Ukraine. So and it started with, I think, with around 1% in the world, so it did escalate quite badly. So, in those situations, usually the markets don’t perform very well. And then we have the threat about China invading Taiwan, that would be a really bad situation, also for the market. So, we are like swimming in a lake of black swans, and just hopefully, none of those happens. And not only because the markets will drop badly, but also because a lot of people will be affected by it directly. So, this is kind of more or less my market update. I’ve taken look a bit what the Bitcoin holders are doing. And right now, we are on the exchanges, the amount that’s left on the exchanges has fallen below I think the 2018 dates, and this is since 2018, we didn’t see so low Bitcoin liquidity on exchanges, and that can be good than bad. It can also be bad low liquidity always means high volatility. So, if now buying occurs, the price is going to skyrocket. But if selling occurs, the price is going to drop like really heavy also. But usually, it’s a good thing. So usually, the exchanges are drained when you take your liquidity or Bitcoin of exchanges when you don’t intend to sell it. So usually, low exchange Bitcoin volumes levels are more or less correlated with Bitcoin going up. So, for now it looks ok. But one thing can go wrong. And that can easily happen. And we have a total turnaround in the market. That’s it. More or less it’s a gamble right now.

Anita Mlakar: 59:34

Thank you, Sandi. Before we do the drawing, and I hope you are a part of this drawing today that you did take this word, what was it? We can still say it and there’s maybe a minute more to be a part of it. Sandi, what was the code?

Sandi Bitenc: 59:54

Code was “AMAVERSARY22”.

The bear market condition has caused little or no inflow of liquidity into DeFi, what do you intend to do to onboard more users and attract liquidity to 3air?

Anita Mlakar: 59:57

“AMAVERSARY22”, right? Okay, but just to answer one more question Sandi here in the meantime, then we will do the drawing, because this is an AMA and we are answering the question, the bear market condition has caused little or no inflow of liquidity into DeFi, what do you intend to do to onboard more users and attract liquidity to 3air?

Sandi Bitenc: 1:00:23

So actually, we set up a liquidity farm with the tokens farm. And that one is live already. And I think now at 6pm UTC, we’re getting another liquidity farm and a bond opportunity from Ape Swap. So, this is actually our next partnership, that I’ll just boldly now announce because I know I can. But it’s not out yet. Right Ruba?

Ruba Aramouny: 1:00:59

No, it’s not out yet.

Sandi Bitenc: 1:01:02

I think it should start at 6pm UTC. So, you’re now the first one that actually know about it, so you can prepare about it. So, you can front run a bit.

Giveaway draw:

Anita Mlakar: 1:01:17

Okay, someone is writing has the code been dropped. Yes, of course. And now we will do the drawing. So I’m leaving it to you, Ruba, we have 3x 50 BUSD, right, coming up for you, who are of course a part of this drawing.

Ruba Aramouny: 1:01:37

Yes, exactly. Thank you, Anita. So, for everybody who needs to find out right now, we are doing the live draw for our 3air AMAversary Giveaway. And you have the chance to win 3x 50 BUSD. So, we’re giving away 3x 50 BUSD. So, three people, different people win that. You cannot win 3x 50 BUSD. And what we had everyone do to enter the draw is here live to have that live giveaway code. The live giveaway code is “AMAVERSARY22”. And you can go down to app.3air.io and connect with your wallet, and then enter the giveaway tab. So, I’m going to share my screen to show you right now what you have to do. We’re making it really easy. We’re sharing screen, sharing instructions. It’s very easy to join this giveaway, right? So, what you have to do is like and retweet our tweet on Twitter, follow 3air crypto join us on Telegram and on our channels. And then once you’ve done that, come here, enter, click on the giveaway tab down here in the 3air app. And then enter your email address, Twitter handle, your retweet link. So, the link that shows that you retweeted our tweets, your TG username so we can verify that you joined and the live giveaway code which we just gave you and then click on enter giveaway. All right, if you see the screen, then you’ve successfully entered the giveaway.


So, let’s go ahead and start drawing. I’m going to start drawing right now. Last few seconds to enter then we refresh. So, we have everybody in here. Okay, I see a lot of people joined so good luck to everybody. Selecting the first one. And the first winner has been selected, there you go. The first winner. Congratulations, you’ve won one times 50 BUSD which we will send to your wallet address. We’re just going to verify that all the conditions were met. But this is your wallet address. So, if this is your address ends on 2B36. Congratulations. You won.

Sandi Bitenc: 1:04:07


Anita Mlakar: 1:04:09

We are celebrating.

Ruba Aramouny: 1:04:13

All right. Next. Who wins 50 BUSD. Winner number two. There you go. That’s a nice ending. 666CC6E. Congratulations, you win.

Sandi Bitenc: 1:04:31


Anita Mlakar: 1:04:33

Yeah, bravo.

Ruba Aramouny: 1:04:35

And the last one. Refreshing, Okay, the third winner has been drawn. That’s your wallet address, 5E0B1. Congratulations. You win 50 BUSD for special anniversary edition.

Sandi Bitenc: 1:04:55

Congratulations, all the winners.

Ruba Aramouny: 1:04:57

All right.

Anita Mlakar: 1:04:58

Thank you for being a part of our AMAversary edition, I hope you are celebrating as we are today. Okay, where is Sandi now.

Ruba Aramouny: 1:05:13

Definitely celebrating.

Anita Mlakar: 1:05:16

But I do have a glass that I’m going to celebrate. Because this is a year around. I’m happy to be a part, of course, of 3air and part of these AMAs. And I know that we will continue to good work looking forward to that. And I will take my glasses off so that I can see you.

Ruba Aramouny: 1:05:38

You don’t see us with the glasses?

Anita Mlakar: 1:05:40

No, because they are on my eyes.

Sandi Bitenc: 1:05:43

So, I can’t see anything. You’re both frozen for me. Yeah, I need to check it live, what’s happening.

Ruba Aramouny: 1:05:58

It’s funny. So yeah, I would also like to say thank you to our community, for being there for one year of AMAs. It’s really great. There are some of you that have been there from the beginning. It’s very impressive. And you’re always showing up, you’re asking questions, you’re also engaging with the community. So, thanks for doing that. And I think we can all say a very special thank you to Anita as well, for always doing such an amazing job with hosting our AMAs making sure she’s always there never missed an AMA. So that’s an effort, you know, you need to move everything around for it. And yeah, so thank you for that.

Sandi Bitenc: 1:06:40

Yeah, absolutely. Thanks, Anita, you’re the best.

Anita Mlakar: 1:06:44

Thank you very much. And thank you for being here. And being a part of these AMAs. It’s really, really nice to do it. Also, because of you. Thank you very much. And for everyone who is here all the time. Every time there’s some of you who are here almost every time. I think Richard is one of them, right? Because I see that he’s here today, too. So, thank you very much. And I’m sure there are more of you. Thank you for being a part of our AMAs.

Sandi Bitenc: 1:07:10

We should take Richard on one of our AMAs. Talk to him a bit once more. If he’s up for it. I’ll ask him.

Anita Mlakar: 1:07:20

Yes, he will be our guest and we will have many, many questions also for Richard.

Sandi Bitenc: 1:07:27

Anita, are you going to be on our next AMA or not?

Anita Mlakar: 1:07:34

No. Why did you ask me that? I’m going to Rome, and I’ll be flying at that time. I’m so sorry. Because that was a year around. And now anyone can say you know, now she did it a year now she’s gone. But no, it is only this one. And I will not be a part of next AMA but looking forward to the next one, but AMA will take place next Wednesday also, and I’m sure you will have great time and great conversation.

Sandi Bitenc: 1:08:13

I know we have a great guest for next week.

Anita Mlakar: 1:08:18


Ruba Aramouny: 1:08:19

And we will miss you, Anita. We were celebrating so much that you were there for a year that we jinxed it and it happen at the same time.

Anita Mlakar: 1:08:32

Thank you very much. Thanks for today. And of course. Enjoy it next week. Then in 14 days. I’ll be back. Thank you everyone for being a part of 3air and see you next week. Ruba, Sandi, Bye.

Ruba Aramouny: 1:08:48


Sandi Bitenc: 1:08:48




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