3air weekly AMA, 1st June 2022 @5pm CET - Weekly update and Q&A!
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3air weekly AMA, 1st June 2022 @5pm CET - Weekly update and Q&A!
June 01, 2022
30 min

Table Of Contents

Sandi Bitenc, CEO of 3air Joins the AMA:
Sandi Discusses the Current Crypto Market Conditions:
Synapse Network Partnership Announcement:
Fear & Greed Index:
Ruba Aramouny, 3air’s Social Media Manager Joins the AMA:
Ruba Announces the BUSD Giveaway Winners:
3air NFT Marketplace Walkthrough Presentation:
What will happen if you don’t connect your wallet to the 3air Dashboard?
Do we need to add the SKALE network to our wallets?

This is a transcript from our weekly YouTube live AMA:

**SPEAKERS:** Anita Mlakar, Sandi Bitenc and Ruba Aramouny.

About AMA: We are giving you our Weekly update and Q&A.

AMA Duration: 53:43


Anita Mlakar: 00:04

Hello, everybody, and welcome to 3air’s AMA. Anita Mlakar is my name. It is Wednesday, it is 5 o’clock Central European Time. And of course, we are live. Thank you for being with us. I am really happy to have you here. And I’m really looking forward to today’s AMA because this is the opportunity for your questions. So yes, do write them down in the comment. If you have a question today will be the opportunity. Sandi Bitenc, CEO of 3air will be the one answering them. But let’s start from the beginning.


So yes, please stay connected with us. Do join our channels, we are on Twitter, we are on Telegram and Discord. And we are awaiting you there. There is of course enough room for discussion for also your questions. And so, there are moderators, they’re helping you all the time, you can follow us on our social networks, you are welcome to join us there. And we are here on YouTube on our live AMAs every Wednesday, and you can of course subscribe and follow us also recommend us to a friend.


I always begin these AMA with introducing our project. So, let’s do this again.


So, three years the world’s first blockchain platform that helps individuals and businesses thrive on Web3 with broadband internet, it is a blockchain platform with connectivity in mind. If you are unconnected, you are under power. So, we are trying to give you or let’s say people internet connection to empower them. And at the same time, we’re educating them. So, we’re doing that in Africa. How? With our two technologies, K3 Last Mile solution and our 3air internet. And once you are connected to the internet, you get a digital identity from us where you can store everything and it’s a provable record about what you have done. And of course, you can identify yourself with it.


We also create your digital bank account giving you a custodial or noncustodial wallet. And we are providing financial services. We have Fiat on boarding and off boarding ramp and peer to peer cash crypto or boarding DeFi. We are working on micro loans and yield farming and so on and so on. We also have outside partners that will provide additional digital revenue streams. And once we put people through all these steps, you are connected, you are banked and empowered. What do you say about that? I really want to know you can write it down in a comment. But now let’s say welcome. And of course, introduce our Sandi Bitenc CEO of 3air.

Sandi Bitenc, CEO of 3air Joins the AMA:

Anita Mlakar: 02:50

Sandi, hello and welcome.

Sandi Bitenc: 02:53

Hello, Anita. How are you?

Anita Mlakar: 02:55

I am great. Thank you very much. Oh my God, you have a very nice T-shirt again.

Sandi Bitenc: 03:03

We didn’t speak about our T-shirt for quite a long time.

Anita Mlakar: 03:07

Yes, really.

Sandi Bitenc: 03:08

But it’s still it’s in the same theme, right?

Anita Mlakar: 03:12

It is really nice and bright colours, by the way, Sandi. So yeah!

Sandi Bitenc: 03:16

Yeah, it’s nice.

Anita Mlakar: 03:18

You know what you should do? You should once do just an AMA about your T-shirts that you have. That will be a good one, you know?

Sandi Bitenc: 03:28

Yeah, it’s not so many.

Anita Mlakar: 03:28

Okay, Sandi, how are you? Is everything okay?

Sandi Discusses the Current Crypto Market Conditions:

Sandi Bitenc: 03:32

Everything is fine. It’s running smoothly. At this point in time, no big stressors. Except for the market. We’re still a bit in the same area that we were last week but maybe things started turning now. Let’s see. We’ll look a bit at the market sentiment right now and you know where the season is right now? Is it more in Bitcoin or in Altcoins? And I’ll let you know a bit more how we are approaching our token launch.

Anita Mlakar: 03:33

Okay, now you are really following the market. Sandi, do you have any predictions what will happen?

Sandi Bitenc: 04:17

Yeah, I am a trader myself. Although 3air took a lot of time away from me. So, you know, I move from being a trader to like being almost 100% a hodler. So, I put my portfolio into projects that like, that I trust, and you know that I intend to hold long term and I just didn’t think about the market now for quite a long time. It’s impossible. Really, being on top of the market, you know, following all the info maybe doing some charting and so on and then the trading it takes the whole day. It takes the whole day and sometimes it takes also the whole night, it depends on what’s happening. And yeah, that’s just unsustainable with the responsibility that I have in 3air. So, just I said, yeah this isn’t working for me I cannot trade because I just don’t have the time so I switched away from it but I do still follow a bit the markets and I’m just looking at it at the macro perspective and so I do think we might see still another leg down I don’t think this is really the breakout and the start of a, let’s say a prolonged uptrend or a Bull Run or bull season or how you want to call it. I don’t think we’re there yet but we’re not far away in my opinion.


So, I do think we’ll see a nice Bull Run going a bit you know, maybe even in August but June and July might still be a bit, let’s say volatile, a bit tricky. We are expecting two more rate hikes. There were talks about much more and I think the market already priced in those things. So, I don’t think we’ll see more than two rate hikes. So, this means probably June and July and then in August or September, they’ll just say “Okay, that’s it”. And once this happens, I think then the markets will turn, and they’ll start pumping again.


So, this is kind of you know, like really a global overview of how I see it and I literally don’t think that the US is actually driving the markets from their macro-economic decisions that they’re doing so everybody is looking into them and I just don’t see it in any way that they can go above 250 basis points right hikes. I think afterwards it becomes unsustainable they’ll just drop their GDP too much and they have so much that and you know also when they increase the interest rates, they also increase their debt, and you know the actually the cost of their debt.

Anita Mlakar: 07:42

Okay, so I was writing some of that down so that in two months I see what from what you said.

Sandi Bitenc: 07:49

I think we might see some relief rallies you know, we had like eight consecutive red weeks in Bitcoin and that never happened before in bitcoins history. So, we did see is six consecutive weeks that went down you know, some argue may be seven you know, it depends on which exchange you actually looked but eight for sure never happened so at one point it needs to come a bounced back up in the green so right now this week is bit in a green. Let’s see if it will also you know and like this but the markets a bit are turning, I think that crypto is a bit lagging behind the traditional markets the stock. So, the stocks have bounced a bit. And now I think crypto is also coming but if this is really the bounce that we are waiting for, and it’s just up from here that I’m not 100% sure.

Anita Mlakar: 08:52

Okay, Sandi, thank you. I think they should invite you on TV. You should be the one giving your opinion. Joking, but I feel like we are on television you know when they’re having a journalist or moderator and they’re having a guest and they’re talking about what will happen at the market. So yeah.

Synapse Network Partnership Announcement:

Anita Mlakar: 09:11

Okay. Now, let me just remind you that this is also place for your questions and your opinions. So, you are welcome to write it down. We would love to read them and of course, you will get the answers to your questions. Sandi, we said that we will be talking about a partnership today that is a partnership with Synapse Network. I read a little a bit, there’s also a blog on our site. So, Synapse Network is a cross chain, launch pad and startup incubator ecosystem based on blockchain technology. It combines a launch pads, VC funds, IT labs and advisory into strong network to build the future and blockchain and DeFi.


Now Sandi, my question is, of course, before we tell a little more about this good collaboration, how did it happen? How did it come to this partnership?

Sandi Bitenc: 10:07

Yeah, so we got introduced to Synapse. I think now it’s more than two months ago, and we were in talks for quite a long time and there was a lot of interest from their side since the beginning, but I don’t know, it’s hard to say we had the same experience with all the launch pads. So that it took really, really long. So, I do think that a big thing is that just right now, the launch pads majority is doing nothing, they actually even lost, you know, three quarters or even more of their investors at the moment. And also, the token launches, right now there is, I was speaking with Michal from Synapse, and he said like, “Right now, token launches, you know, if one of the 100 is actually a successful token launch at this point in time, so and even if there is a successful token launch, you know, it’s not sustainable. And so token always gets beaten down in this kind of a market”.


So yeah, the launch pads and the exchanges, all of them are not really keen on launching new projects. They even take a long time. When they review projects, some even say, “We want to review any project or launch any token during the summer. So come back in fall”. But yeah, going back to Synapse. We really connected really good.


Oh, sorry. I wanted to point out another thing where I see that, you know, we need a bit more time with the exchanges and the launch pads is because, you know, the project that we have is really big. They are used to smaller project really focused on one thing and they are either in DeFi or in NFT or in gaming right now. So, it’s just all in metaverse. So gaming, and Metaverse are right now the two biggest things, the most of new projects came from that area, a half a year ago or a year ago, there were just NFTs popping out everywhere. And before that it was DeFi.


So, we’re not really in the exact narrative and we are trying to create something new, you know, there are not a lot of projects out there trying to combine like a real-world business, traditional business with Blockchain because it’s so new. And then everybody is a bit scared, you know, what’s going to happen out of it. And they don’t see the whole project and how it fits together and how actually the real-world telecom that we have actually feeds the blockchain adoption and then the blockchain adoption actually so much helps the telecom also to get the users, so they really work, you know, synergistically together. And, of course, then first is okay, we need to do more research, and then it takes a long time.


But yeah, finally we have partnership with Synapse, we have an official partnerships, the work partnership, the agreement has been signed, they’re really keen and happy to work with us, and I’m pretty sure we’ll have them on one of our future AMAs. They’re also taking advisory positions in 3air, so there’ll be helping us with the token launch, you know, as a whole, with connecting us to other launchpads, with connecting us to some more VCs, we’re still looking for some strategic partnerships connecting us with exchanges. And, you know, there’s also a lot of other things that are helping projects, actually to launch with you know, additional marketing, help with some development if needed with market making.


There’s a lot of stuff that they actually offer additionally, so they’re really a strong partner. And Synapse is actually one of the bigger launch pads. So usually, they have a few 1000 active investors and that’s a few we’re going more towards 10,000 then you know, 20,000. It’s usually a good launch pad would have probably around 2000 to 3000 investors, this is kind of a cut off and then everything that’s above it, it’s kind of big, so they are one of the bigger ones and for sure one of the more professional ones and I really like how they work. The problem with launchpads is also that they can mess with your projects, they can do a lot, let’s say things that are really, you know, not good for the token.


So, when you talk to a launch pad and why you want to launch off of a launch pad, it’s together a bit, you know, it’s more of a marketing thing than to get the actually the funds. So, you want to have as many token holders as possible. And what some launchpads tend to do is they just, you know, represent a lot of the token buyers themselves and you know, they pretend to be the whole, the token buyers, they buy up a big amount of supply, and then just dump it afterwards. So that’s not good for the token price. So, this is when you see, right, really, you know, going the price up exponentially crazy doing 50x 100x 200x sometimes, and then just coming down back to, you know, to 90% regression.

Fear & Greed Index:

Sandi Bitenc: 16:13

So, I really talked in length with Synapse about that. And yeah, I don’t think they’re doing business like this. So, they have high standards, and I’m really happy to be working with them. And they also published this on their own, Twitter. So, you know, Michal, the CEO and co-founder is actually coming on our advisory. So yeah, this is in full motion, and we have been speaking about because I was asking them, “So should we try and set the launch date”, and they said, “Right, now, it’s still hard to really set a launch date, because we don’t know what the market will do”. And currently, you know, this is one thing that I usually look to get a bit of a feel of the market and that’s the fear & greed index.


So, we are going a bit you know, higher, so we were actually at eight, just a few days ago, and 8 was, again, a historical low, Bitcoin was never as low as eight. And but 17 is still too low. So, we would like to launch when the when the fear & greed index is around here, of course, this thing can turn pretty quickly, you know, within days or a couple of weeks, maybe. But here is where a token launch is you know, far more successful, where people don’t think too much, you know, and be a bit fearful, they’re just all out and buying almost everything that they see.


So yeah, this is kind of what we’re waiting for and the other thing that’s maybe even more important is, you know, the Bitcoin, we have two seasons, it’s Altcoin or Bitcoin season. So, what it means is that, you know, when it’s Bitcoin season, the majority of the money just flows into Bitcoin and out of the Altcoins and at that point in time, usually the small caps or the new tokens really suffer. So, and it goes like this, if bitcoin goes down, you know, 5% usually the Altcoins will drop 20% And if bitcoin goes up 5%, they’ll go up, you know, maybe just a bit, you know, 5 maybe, some will go 10%.


But if you’re in all seasons it’s just when Bitcoin goes down, the Altcoins go down, like about the same level, but if bitcoin goes up, then 5% and everything just explodes and you know, makes like, 2x or 3x. And it’s like, that’s when the market that everyone starts talking about it, and everyone starts going crazy, but yeah, what we actually want this to come out of this low to get into the swing when we see this happening. So, this is where we can actually launch and set you know, when we come around here, then we can start setting a bit the launch date, because we are ready to launch so what we need is just, you know, a couple of weeks of marketing and but technically we are already. Synapse is also technically ready but, you know, best case scenario would be if we launch in this pad, of course.


So, this is how we’re thinking about it and of course we want to do good for all the token holders and that’s really the top priority. And I know that it’s painful to wait but if we don’t wait, what will happen is just you know, there will be no price action on the token at all. And nobody will be happy afterwards. That’s my opinion. So, this is kind of a bit of the things that I wanted to share and just walk you a bit through how we are going about launching the token. And it’s not that we just want to postpone it or anything, and that we just don’t, you know, take care or think about it, we are constantly thinking about it constantly. And talking about it with our advisors and people who really, you know, done like hundreds of token launches and it is what it is, right now it’s really not in our control, we cannot influence the markets.

Anita Mlakar: 20:53

Yeah, we were also discussing it with our people in telegram and majority says it’s okay to wait, you know, no rush, because you need the environment also to support you. So yeah, this is really the best decision not only coming from advisors and from you, but also from those who are with us, our community and this is great.


Sandi, just about Synapse I read that they have more than 600,000 active members and really a lot of around 40 projects. So yeah, they’re really active and they have a strong community also.

Sandi Bitenc: 21:35

Yeah, they’re really good. So, I’m really happy and also it looks like we’ll be getting another major launch pad on board. But yeah, hopefully, when the markets will start turning, everyone that we’re talking with will probably jump on board. But right now, they’re like, “Yeah, let’s wait, we’d have time. We don’t want to launch it right now. So, if we want to launch right now, you cannot do it with us”. It’s mostly like this. But when things start turning, and they see that it’s actually useful to and it’s possible to have good launches, there’s also, launch pads will probably do the same amount of money kind of even in this market, because they don’t take the risk, but the problem is that every launch from a lounge bed is actually recorded, and they are benchmarking themselves.


They are benchmarking themselves in how many Xs’ they do on launches, you know, and on their whole portfolio. So, if they usually do 50x 100x 200x on a lounge, knowing that they have the average of I don’t know, between 50 and 150, or something like that. And now they do, you know, a few launches, that do five X’s, that’s really, you know, they’re not happy about it because it does decrease their average. And what they’re looking for is not so much for the project, they’re looking for more users and users are looking “Okay, this Launchpad is doing 100xs’, you know, on average on the token launch, I’ll go with them. So, this is how it then works. And then if you have the users, and also the projects will come.

Anita Mlakar: 23:27

Yes, of course. On the other hand, Sandi when we’re talking about this partnerships, yes, of course, like you said 3air is happy to have a partner like that, but this partnership has to be mutual, there are benefits for both sides. And if the project is good, then they both could say, you know, yeah, this was a good decision and we had some benefits, we have a good cooperation. So, it’s not only for 3air but also for Synapse on the other hand, right?

Sandi Bitenc: 23:55

Yeah. I think we’re getting a guest, a surprise guest

Anita Mlakar: 24:01

Oh, really?

Sandi Bitenc: 24:03

Give me a second.

Anita Mlakar: 24:06

We have a surprise.

Sandi Bitenc: 24:08

Let’s see. She’s not here yet.

Anita Mlakar: 24:13

Okay, maybe we should ask our people. What do you think who will come as a surprise guest today? They have maybe an idea? Should you write it down?

Sandi Bitenc: 24:25

There she is. Okay, so can you repeat the question, please?

Anita Mlakar: 24:31

Yes, I was just saying that there are benefits or let’s say, both sides in a partnership should have something from this. And it’s not, like you said it’s great to have a partner like Synapse. On the other hand, it’s also great to have a partner like 3air.

Sandi Bitenc: 24:45

Yes, of course, and but also there’s three things, you know, there are three parts in it. So, there’s the launch pads, there’s the projects and there’s the actual users, the people that are buying the token in the end and you know using the platform.

Anita Mlakar: 25:06

Thank you.

Sandi Bitenc: 25:07

Richard is really sharp, he is on all our AMAs, yeah.

Anita Mlakar: 25:16

We have some suggestions, look at that. Ruba, Ruba, we have just a suggestion another Satoshi Nakamoto. Hilina, Hilina. Someone wrote Rina, really? So yeah, look. So, let’s see this one, Ruba. So, who do we have as a surprise guest and why? Sandi, will you, do it?

Sandi Bitenc: 25:54

Let’s just have a peek

Anita Mlakar: 25:59


Sandi Bitenc: 26:00

Who was it? Who was it?

Anita Mlakar: 26:01

Who’s right? Who was right about who’s with us? Let us say did you recognize her now from seeing, of course. Yeah, of course.

Ruba Aramouny, 3air’s Social Media Manager Joins the AMA:

Sandi Bitenc: 26:19


Ruba Aramouny: 26:21

Hello, this is Satoshi.

Sandi Bitenc: 26:23

Satoshi is coming in.

Ruba Aramouny: 26:25

I’m finally gonna start moving my Bitcoins.

Sandi Bitenc: 26:28

Don’t scare people. Then we won’t have a launch for the next two years when Satoshi will start moving his coins.

Ruba Aramouny: 26:40

Yes. It’s nice to be here.

Anita Mlakar: 26:43

Hello, Ruba.

Ruba Aramouny: 26:44

Hi, Anita.

Sandi Bitenc: 26:45

We missed you. You haven’t been around for quite a while now.

Ruba Aramouny: 26:49

That’s true.

Anita Mlakar: 26:51

What are you doing lately?

Ruba Aramouny: 26:54

Marketing. Yes, I’m working a lot behind the scenes. The last time that you saw me I was at East Amsterdam, right? on the live AMA. So yes, since then, a lot has been happening. Working on the following up on the partnerships we formed there and working on content and preparing the launch. And yeah, crossing fingers every week, that we’re launching next week but yeah, so we’re preparing everything so that once the markets go up, we can directly launch and everything’s ready.

Anita Mlakar: 27:37


Sandi Bitenc: 27:39

Can you tell us? How many people are on our waiting list right now? For the token launch?

Ruba Aramouny: 27:46

Yeah, so we have over 31,000 people on our waiting list right now.

Sandi Bitenc: 27:52

That’s crazy.

Anita Mlakar: 27:53

Oh my god.

Ruba Aramouny: 27:56

That’s a lot of people. And it’s yeah, it’s quite fun. So once that goes out, everybody can do the requirements to join the whitelist because that’s just going to be limited to the first 15,000 to fulfil all the requirements. And then yeah, we’re gonna launch on a really good foot.

Anita Mlakar: 28:21

That’s nice.

Ruba Aramouny: 28:23


Anita Mlakar: 28:23

Good news!

Ruba Aramouny: 28:25

And I’m here for more good news.

Anita Mlakar: 28:27


Sandi Bitenc: 28:28

You’re always full of good news.

Anita Mlakar: 28:29

You’re Santa.

Ruba Aramouny: 28:31

I wouldn’t come with bad news. If Sandi, told me to come and say bad news. I would just cancel.

Anita Mlakar: 28:36

That’s a good approach, you know?

Sandi Bitenc: 28:39

Yeah, let Sandi take the-

Anita Mlakar: 28:42

Bad news?

Sandi Bitenc: 28:45

Bad news.

Anita Mlakar: 28:45

Bad announcements or something, there is no such thing as bad announcement here. So yeah. Okay. Ruba tell us.

Ruba Aramouny: 28:53

So, for those of you who have been following our social channels, we are running a giveaway right now since last Sunday. And the requirement was to follow us on Twitter, retweet us and tag three friends, follow us on YouTube, subscribe to our channel. And join us on TikTok.

Anita Mlakar: 29:22

Are we on TikTok?

Ruba Aramouny: 29:23

Yes, we are on tick tock. If you haven’t subscribed on TikTok, follow us there. But that was not a requirement for this giveaway. So, you had to join us on Telegram so that’s why we also got a lot of people joining on Telegram and yeah, so the lucky winners who got picked in this giveaway and fulfilled all the requirements win 100 BUSD each. So, you had to fill in a Google form with your profile links so that we could check that you really fulfil all the requirements, and then your BEP wallet address.

Sandi Bitenc: 30:02

We’re not giving away 3air tokens?

Ruba Aramouny: 30:05

No, we’re giving away be BUSD.

Sandi Bitenc: 30:09

So why aren’t we giving away 3air tokens?

Ruba Aramouny: 30:14

Does anybody in the chat want to answer? No, because we don’t want to devalue our created token.

Sandi Bitenc: 30:21

Yeah. So, we also got some pushback from some launchpads just saying, “Yeah, you cannot do 3air airdrops if you want, you know, to launch with us and so on”. And, yeah, I do agree. So, we did give away some 3air tokens, but also not too many, I think that were quite good with giveaways, they were really small. We are far below, I think 0.1% of what actually in the back for the side for the airdrops that’s going to come later on, and the majority of the 3air or air drops are going to come when the token is already in a well-established, and we actually set up base, when we open up new countries, and when we want to actually, you know, bring people to the platform and you know, have people buying our internet. So, this is going to be the incentives there so that we don’t see selling the token on the market, but just using the tokens to actually buy our product. So, this is the majority how the airdrops are being utilized later on.

Sandi Bitenc: 31:51

Also, at this point in time, yeah, I did promise you, we’ll be talking about the ongoing and I think Richard was the one asking all the time, how is DRC going and I wanted to bring on two people that are working on that specific project and they would be able to answer your questions directly. They’re just both too busy today. They’re both too busy really today so and they’ll be here next week, they said. so next week we’ll have at least one but probably two representatives that are doing the actual work on the DRC project.

Anita Mlakar: 32:38

Richard is satisfied.

Ruba Aramouny: 32:42

Yes, and maybe one thing to also highlight is that even though the markets are down and launches delayed until the markets are back up, and everybody’s actually doing that so all the tokens projects that we speak to are delaying Launchpad don’t even want to launch right now. It doesn’t mean that people aren’t working in the background so there’s a lot of preparation happening every week and all over the summer all of the you know moving parts are still working in the background to be ready for when the markets pick back up.

Sandi Bitenc: 33:18

Yeah, I actually just today I talked to a friend of mine who launched the token two days ago and they’re being decimated really, he was like, yeah. Okay, we didn’t expect like really, you know, something huge out of it but this is just painful, he said like and yeah, it’s either way we’re not so much focused on the token but we are more into going into equity fundraising so that we have something for a long time supports and or like. Equities are not tradable so easily than tokens, so these are then, you know, the investors that need to take other exit strategies and as far hard to sell and that’s why it’s a bit more stable. But yeah, right now it’s a bloodbath with all the new tokens.

Anita Mlakar: 34:17

I was just thinking earlier when we’re talking about this period, you know, it seems like it’s a passive period, but like you said, Ruba, in this passage of time, a lot of activities are happening in order to make it you know, a good portfolio for everything that will go on later and this is actually a very important time. So, this is not like we’re sitting on our butts and doing nothing right.

Ruba Aramouny: 34:42

Definitely not, we are sitting on our butts, but we are doing so much.

Anita Mlakar: 34:46

Not all the time. Ruba, just tell us please what are you doing when you are not doing marketing or sitting on your butt?

Ruba Aramouny: 34:57

I’m only doing marketing. I work too much. Well, if you’re gonna ask me about my hobbies on paper, it’s singing and playing guitar and doing music and doing some yoga, but I don’t do any of it enough because I work too much.

Anita Mlakar: 35:15

We should only change that. Really singing? How did I not know that, Sandi? She’s singing and playing guitar.

Sandi Bitenc: 35:24

You can do a duet.

Ruba Aramouny: 35:25

Yeah. You also sing?

Anita Mlakar: 35:28

Under shower. If that’s count.

Ruba Aramouny: 35:32


Anita Mlakar: 35:34

And I’m doing some back vocals. Yes. So, I could be your back vocal.

Ruba Aramouny: 35:38

Okay, we can have a little 3air band.

Anita Mlakar: 35:42


Sandi Bitenc: 35:45

I can dance.

Anita Mlakar: 35:47

Really? Okay.

Sandi Bitenc: 35:51

I’m learning it right now.

Anita Mlakar: 35:55

There’s a suggestion from Richard, let’s make a 3air’s song, Ruba.

Ruba Aramouny: 36:00

Good idea. I’m gonna add that to my list of 3air tasks.

Anita Mlakar: 36:06

We don’t have a 3air song.

Sandi Bitenc: 36:07

I’ll make an NFT out of it.

Ruba Aramouny: 36:10

Cool. Done, deal! I will get on the NFT marketplace a bit.

Sandi Bitenc: 36:15

Yeah. We’ll show the NFT marketplace today a bit.

Anita Mlakar: 36:22

You see how this brainstorming works? Great Ideas come up. You know as soon as we start talking about it, so, we should do it more often.

Ruba Aramouny: 36:32

People are getting it live.

Sandi Bitenc: 36:34


Anita Mlakar: 36:36

Yes, they are.

Ruba Announces the BUSD Giveaway Winners:

Ruba Aramouny: 36:37

So, do you want to know who won?

Anita Mlakar: 36:41

Do we want to know?

Sandi Bitenc: 36:42

Who does not want to know?

Ruba Aramouny: 36:45

Okay, so I’m going to show the names just in case I pronounced them wrong.

Ruba Aramouny: 36:52

So here are our three winners. These are your Twitter handles. So, it’s @seek_lo, @CryptoGunhe and @rismaximal. So, you win 100 BUSD each congratulations!

Sandi Bitenc: 37:08

So, you check them before, how was the drawdown?

Ruba Aramouny: 37:12

And so, I checked them before I tried to go through just the Twitter picker but that didn’t work. So, I went backwards from our Twitter subscribers exported them and then saw manually checked if they fulfilled all the requirements.

Sandi Bitenc: 37:34


Anita Mlakar: 37:34

Great! So, congratulations to the first one.

Sandi Bitenc: 37:40

All of them.

Ruba Aramouny: 37:41

All of them, yeah.

Anita Mlakar: 37:42

I meant all of them, yeah.

Ruba Aramouny: 37:46

We can do claps for each of them. @Seek_lo, @CryptoGunhe, @rismaximal.

Anita Mlakar: 37:56

That is the right approach.

Sandi Bitenc: 37:58

Although I heard that apparently you kind of do this now for clapping or whatever.

Anita Mlakar: 38:06

Yeah, well, maybe.

Sandi Bitenc: 38:08

Well, it looks so stupid. Doing this on calls.

Ruba Aramouny: 38:17

Who does that? I don’t know.

Sandi Bitenc: 38:19

That’s kind of silent clapping, it’s like this. So, if there is like big calls and you cannot speak is like this is clapping.

Anita Mlakar: 38:29

Because we’re interrupting when you’re clapping you know because of the sound so yeah.

Sandi Bitenc: 38:33

It really does look stupid, doesn’t it?

Ruba Aramouny: 38:36

It looks like something’s wrong with your hands, it’s funny.

Anita Mlakar: 38:37

Oh my god. Yeah, well, thank you.

Sandi Bitenc: 38:51

I think, Ruba, you want to stay for our NFT marketplace walkthrough presentation.

Ruba Aramouny: 39:01

I would love to, but you will have more space on the screen if I leave.

Sandi Bitenc: 39:05

No, worries. I’ll put you on the side. No worries.

Anita Mlakar: 39:08

No excuses.

3air NFT Marketplace Walkthrough Presentation:

Sandi Bitenc: 39:13

I have it right. So, you see her? Yeah, you see it. So, what you’re doing, and this is going live on Monday, hopefully. Yeah, probably. Of course, it’s coming live on Monday. So, we’ve been notifying everyone that if they didn’t connect their wallets to our presale app, they need to do it right now. So, the deadline was yesterday we’re extending it a bit because we always know if we give a deadline for something like that there will still the people that will be you know a bit late. But Friday is for sure that the last day because then we are starting to switch to this app. So, the presale app will stop existing. And we’ll be transferring everyone to this app. And you’ll be able to claim we’ll be reporting over everything on here. And this is going to be the main, that this is going to be the platform application, we’ll be adding things into it.


First of all, it has the claim part, you’ll be able to claim more tokens here. But this is not going to be connected to your email account anymore. So, you do need to connect your wallet right now if you didn’t before because once we transfer it, it’s game over. Then we have the news section that’s up in the news is just being pulled in from the telegram. And, yeah, right now we have the NFTs and that’s our NFT marketplace. That looks empty right now. So, let’s see, loading. I think I have a bit of a bad internet connection, but we also might have really big images in. Okay. No, I don’t like this, we know what it is. No, I know what it is. It’s actually on a VPN. So, this is not on my computer, because we are running our own fork of the of the Binance Smart Chain. So, we have our own fork of the Binance Smart Chain on our server. And this is actually running right now over VPN. And that’s why it’s a bit slow. But yeah, you saw the images before, right? And those images are right now. So, they are from Laura. These are not the final prices. So, we’ll think a bit more about the prices, it’s going to be pretty easy to just you know buy so you need to approve. This is already working. Yeah, definitely the VPN because even I am having the Meta Mask now open and it’s just not loading. It’s slow.

Anita Mlakar: 42:18

But it will come eventually.

Sandi Bitenc: 42:22

Okay, now, when you know that Meta Mask is loading 10 times slower than it’s usually then you know, it’s VPN. Okay, this one was approved. So first, you know, like any other place you need to approve then, the second one is actually the transaction, I don’t know if you see my Meta Mask on the on the screen. But you do see here the number one, so that’s the transaction being submitted there. I am right now confirming it. Okay, so it’s actually done on chain right now and those are my NFTs. There are a few days before when we were having really no just dummy data in. But this one is the one that I bought now. And I can also see what else Laura has on it, but we do have some really, really nice things and we’re adding additional. So, it’s going to be really cool. Monday. And sorry for this slow really, it’s the VPN.

Ruba Aramouny: 43:56

It’s very nice images. It’s compiled. So, if you zoom in on them once it goes live, you’ll see it compiled of all of our three air faces and images and times that people made. And yeah, Laura did a really great job on this. And we’re also gonna have NFT artists who are African artists, and they’re all going to have, you’re going to see a little profile about them and their background and what they’re doing. So, it’s going to be really nice and empowering.

Anita Mlakar: 44:39

It really looks nice, really. Wow! So, Monday.

Sandi Bitenc: 44:45

Monday, it is.

What will happen if you don’t connect your wallet to the 3air Dashboard?

Anita Mlakar: 44:51

Sandi, we have one question for you. What will happen with people who didn’t connect because they bought and forget and will check next month.

Sandi Bitenc: 45:06

That’s going to be really tough. So, it depends once we lock the tokens into our vesting contracts, then we cannot do anything. You know, once it’s on chain, we cannot change it because then also if we make it so that we can change it, that’s also not a security for everyone else. So, and we’ve been, we’ve been talking about this now for really for months, and months and months, so and we send out so many emails to everyone. So just in the last week, we send to everyone who didn’t connect yet, you know, at least four or five emails. So, I do hope that there is not many left. That’s for sure, too. And we’re also trying to, you know, contact them manually right now. And but in the end, once it’s in the smart contract, we cannot do anything else. That’s the thing. So, if you know somebody who didn’t connect yet, just tell them, they still have a bit of time. And, you know, we would not prefer to do anything manually afterwards, because it’s going to be really problematic. And as I said, once it’s locked into smart contract, and then it’s game over and you cannot do anything else.

Anita Mlakar: 46:29

Okay, it’s really hard to imagine that you’re, you know, putting or investing in something or being a part of something and then following it for a month. But yeah, it could happen too because having too many projects is not good also. But like you said, there are only a few people, and they are of course getting all notifications and I hope they will do it on time.

Sandi Bitenc: 46:53

But that’s right now. So, I think now least three or even four months that you had the time to do it. And we were always asking you and there was always a notification in the back office that you need to connect. So just taking a bit of responsibility also needs to be, you know, coming from everyone. We will try to accommodate as much as possible but there is nothing that I can guarantee. If you just really missed it, you know, missed the Friday, the deadline was yesterday. So, we’re just extending it now to Friday, but Friday is really the cut off. We’re moving the database on Friday, because then if we want to really launch it on Monday, we need to do this on Friday.

Ruba Aramouny: 47:40

And it’s been working every time we send a new email people have been connecting. So, we noticed that the list of people who doesn’t connect is getting smaller and smaller after each email. So last email I got was like with red writing, like “Connect your wallet”. Yeah, so it’s working.

Anita Mlakar: 48:03

Okay, so we’re really doing everything and that’s very important. Is there something else that the two of you would like to add today? Before we finish our discussion, or maybe there’s a question coming from our audience, from our people, from our family. Ruba, how do you like Sandi’s T-shirt by the way? Did you see the colours?

Ruba Aramouny: 48:27

Yes. They’re very nice.

Sandi Bitenc: 48:30

It’s almost like the NFTs that we have there.

Anita Mlakar: 48:33

Yes, it is. I was thinking about.

Sandi Bitenc: 48:35

Of course, it’s Star War’s team.

Ruba Aramouny: 48:38

We should take the screenshot of you do this and make that an NFT.

Anita Mlakar: 48:42

I need to do it, kind of like this.

Ruba Aramouny: 48:45


Anita Mlakar: 48:46

Yeah, we’ll do it because we can do that after you know, Ruba.

Ruba Aramouny: 48:51


Anita Mlakar: 48:54

It’s possible we watch it again. So yeah, good idea.

Ruba Aramouny: 48:59

It’s really nice.

Sandi Bitenc: 49:01

Good. So, I think one thing to add is a bit our AMA scheduled for the next two weeks. Next week, I think we’ll be on schedule. I have a flight to Europe in the morning. So, I’ll probably be landing at around 3, something like that, 3PM. So hopefully, it’ll possible for me to connect at five. So, we’ll try to do it. It might get pushed a bit. So, if we are a bit late, it’s because I still didn’t get the internet connection but then next week, it’s you Anita right that needs a bit of adjustment.

Anita Mlakar: 49:48

Yes, it’s true. I’m working on a project and I’m moderating some big event, which was I don’t know, last year they already hired me so yeah, I have to be there. They cannot do it without me, but we will do it before or after we will talk about it and of course announced in a time. That is, I think on 22nd of June, right?

Sandi Bitenc: 50:14

Yes, okay.

Do we need to add the SKALE network to our wallets?

Anita Mlakar: 50:16

Okay. One question came in Sandi, before we finish, do we have to add SKALE?

Sandi Bitenc: 50:26

No, right now, the token will be launched on Binance Smart Chain so and also the NFT marketplace is on Binance Smart Chain. So, it will ask you to connect to Binance Smart Chain. And there’s also a button so that you can add it like it’s really easy with the click of a button. If you don’t have it added yet, but we just need your wallet. So, we don’t need you to connect to any chain right now we need your wallet. That’s the most important and Meta Mask or any other DeFi wallets, the wallet addresses are the same for all EVM compatible chains. So, you can use one wallet on every chain that you want. So, it’s the same on Ethereum is the same on BSC, it’s going to be the same on the SKALE. It’s the same algorithm or you know, whatever you connect to. And that’s why you don’t need to really take any care on which chain you are, you just need to connect it and that’s it.

Sandi Bitenc: 51:24

Then we are taking those wallets and we’re locking them up in a smart contract together with the tokens. So once this is done, it’s going to be on chain. And then you will have access to that smart contract through our app. And you will be able to claim from this smart contract to your tokens when they’re invested to you. So, it’s like this and only you have access with your wallet. So, if you lose your wallet, you will also lose the ability to get the tokens and again we cannot change it. So, take care that you don’t lose your wallet in the meantime. So, this is really important. So, this is on your part for 100%. We cannot take care of your private keys or your wallets or anything like that, but we’ll put it in a smart contract. It’s going to be locked there, we won’t have access to it. Also, our own tokens will be locked there, the ecosystem tokens, everything will be locked in there and we’ll just you know, be able to claim those once they’re getting vested.

Anita Mlakar: 52:34

Thank you for explaining that, Sandi. Again, we have the winners here so that they see it for sure or they get information of course, we will also inform them. Thank you very much, Ruba. Thank you very much Sandi for being with us today and giving us all the information, good news. Well, this first of June day, it’s the beginning of June. And I’m looking forward to everything that is coming up in the future. Thanks all of you for being with us. And be with us next Wednesday at like Sandi said it will be eventually at 5pm Central European Time. Till then stay healthy, stay strong. Work on our channels, communicate, ask questions. We are here. Thank you very much and have a great day.

Sandi Bitenc: 53:29

And don’t forget to like us, to subscribe to us and also, I’ll be right now going to the Telegram so if anyone wants to chat with me, I’ll be there.

Anita Mlakar: 53:39

Okay, join Sandi on telegram.



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