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3air weekly AMA 10th of November 2021 5pm CET


This is a transcript from our weekly YouTube live AMA:

Anita Mlakar: 00:27

Dear ladies and gentlemen, dear participants of 3air AMA, Hello, and welcome. My name is Anita Mlakar. And we are live again every Wednesday at 5pm Central European Time to tell you more about 3air and the project of bringing broadband internet. So thank you for being with us. And thank you for being a part of community, which is growing on telegram. There are more than 500 members already. I could just check now how many in this moment? Just a minute, just a second. We are near to 600. I think only two are missing to 600. So welcome to join us any time.


Welcome to join us also in this AMA to get involved, to participate. So please click like if you enjoy today’s AMA. Write a comment, suggestion how to improve our meetings. Write your question in the chat. Hit the bell icon to get notifications. Subscribe to our YouTube channel, or invite a friend. We will really appreciate that.


So what are we doing? If this is your first time being with us. Let me tell you a little bit about us. First of all, Africa lacks connectivity and digital resources to scale business, causing a detriment to everything from commerce and communications to education and health care. And with the right infrastructure we can change this course for good. So 3air will empower a new upgrade in infrastructure and technological implementation across Africa. Bringing broadband internet, digital TV and telecom to the entire population. This will automatically unlock new business possibilities, streamline educational resources, gather health care, network connectivity, and more.


Africa has earned a digital transformation and 3air is matching these needs with optic fiber Internet quality, and speed. This will be supplemented by a new platform designed by three air to foster Global Partnerships for development across the region. How we’ll be doing this and what has already been done. This is what we are talking about in AMA meetings and answering your questions, of course. So again, let me welcome the CEO of 3air Sandi Bitenc. Hello, Sandi, welcome again.

Sandi Bitenc: 03:05


Anita Mlakar: 03:06

How are you today?

Sandi Bitenc: 03:10

I’m good. You cut me out. Look what I have here. I heard it, you need to have a microphone if you want to be in like this.

Anita Mlakar: 03:21

Yeah. It’s a big one. And you really have a good voice with this microphone. Okay, thank you for being with us again. Now we are having this, let’s say dates every week and the logical question would be what has happened from our last meeting till today? What is the news?

Sandi Bitenc: 03:49

Well, the last days are just crazy. So much stuff is going on. I think the main thing from this last week is that we closed our partnership with CV labs global. We had a partnership before with CV. CV is actually Crypto Valley. And crypto Valley have a company here in Dubai so its CV labs Dubai and we incorporated with them. We were one of the first one so we get good partnership with them already. But now we actually became the Platinum Partner for global CV labs. So, CV Labs is for sure one of the most prominent organizations in the crypto space. They’re here since years based in Switzerland. For sure one of the biggest ones. Then I also got into a meeting with the VC of CV labs. So many Vs and Cs. Venture capitalist apart are where they invest in new projects. So we are talking to them. And they seem interested also in investing into our project.


I had an AMA on Telegram. So I was actually chatting with some guys that I didn’t know. And they said, Come on onto our AMA, I was like, Yeah, sure, why not. And I thought like, Google will have an AMA like me and you here on YouTube. But then it was like on telegram and it was midnight, and my fingers were smoking from all the writing so it was like an AMA on telegram chatting. And I think I have another one on this Saturday with another big channel that would be connected to twitter and to telegram. It should be interesting. We got quite a lot of good new members in our channel. So I think it was nice, good questions and so on.


I’m talking to actually right now five new advisors for our project from all over. Some from Africa, just to help us move our projects 3air through Africa. And the deal is done with one with four. We are really, really close. So I think it will be a lot of new advisors on the board in even this week. Actually already from this talking, we got invited from another African country. We’ve been asked, when we want to come there and build an infrastructure for them. They might be even interested also into investing just to get the infrastructure themselves. So really positive news. I cannot say anything else.


I’m right now making and trying to finalize the deal for our appearance on any event. It’s the dissenter event in Miami on the 30th of November. So it looks like we’ll be present there. I need to see if they still have some space left, but it looks like it will go. We’re really good on track with our private presale. We closed a few good deals. Even one was at max allowed. Max ticket was sold. Twitter and telegram group, crazy good. So we are now at as you said 600 people on both, on Twitter and telegram. We are good on track for our public presale on the 26th. And I’m pretty sure that Rok can also comment a bit on that.


What else happens? I hurt my back. Really having a hard time walking. But what I can do really well is sit behind the computer and do the work. So that’s good. Now nobody bothers me. I cannot go and do any meeting. So everything is just done from the computer. But I am getting better. So I think it’s going to be fine pretty quickly.

Anita Mlakar: 08:59

Okay, thank you for all the briefing. But you have just answered the question because there was a question in telegram I think. What is the CEO doing, if he is on telegram all the time? So now you’ve just answered the question if you aren’t doing so many things.

Sandi Bitenc: 09:20

Telegram is running all the time in the background. And when I see something pop up, I just go in and answer it. I really liked doing that. I really love the community there. They post tough questions, but I think that they’re like spot on. And you just keep doing. I’ll be answering all that I can. But probably I won’t be able to be on the telegram as much as I’ve been now. I also been on telegram while I was on some zoom calls if they were boring. It was just like that.

Anita Mlakar: 10:03

But of course, we will be doing this AMA every week. So you will be also answering questions here. If maybe some stay and insert over there. So you will be here live every Wednesday at 5pm Central European Time answering questions like you will be doing it today.

Sandi Bitenc: 10:23

One other thing that I forgot to mention it that, I almost finished in two editions to our white paper. Some are already complaining that it’s too long. So I’m adding 10 pages to it. But it’s gonna be interesting. It tackles a bit sharing areas. And we’re trying to find a way how to give people their own hardware. So without actually giving it to them, but enabling them to buy it somehow for free. So it’s a cool concept. And it can only be done in crypto. I don’t think that you can do it anywhere else, then in crypto. It’s really amazing how we are trying and I’m pretty sure that it’s going to happen, enabling people to get to some stuffs that they can own actually without needing to come up with their own money.

Anita Mlakar: 11:34

Okay, thank you very much for startups. But today, Sandi, we are not alone. And we have two special guests. So let me welcome to the members of our team. Davor and Rok are with us. So hello, and welcome.

Davor Zic: 11:51


Rok Mihailovic Krpan: 11:52


Anita Mlakar: 12:01

Are you in such a good mood as Sandi, always?

Davor Zic: 12:04

Of course, always.

Anita Mlakar: 12:08

Okay, this is good. Now we have questions for you, because there were also some questions in telegram that require your knowledge. Let me introduce you first. Now, Davor Zic is Chief Technical Officer at 3air. Founder of multiple IT companies. Has 20 plus years’ experience in the IT sector and Rok Mihailovic Krpan is a Head of Development in 3air. So that means two very important people at 3air. And first question is for you the Davor. Now 3year we’ll be using K3 last minute solution to connect users with stable and fast broadband. So can you tell us more about the technology?

Davor Zic: 12:53

Yes, of course. We were developing this technology for some years now. We see the lack of last mile solution especially in Africa. And we developed a system which is scalable. It provides high availability. And actually we are solving the biggest problem in Africa it’s an infrastructure problem. Because in every city that we enter in Africa, there is a big lack of infrastructure. And with three base station typically per city, we are solving this problem very easily and very efficient. This technology, it’s also stable during the rainy seasons which is a problem with micro links and other solutions currently on the market. So we are stable during the whole year. And we can offer full triple play service, telephony, television and broadband internet.

Anita Mlakar: 14:09

Okay, so like you said, it’s different from other solutions that are in the market right now. Now in Sierra Leone, it has already been implemented. How is it working there? What is the experience?

Davor Zic: 14:21

Exactly. I’m very happy to say that we are working in Sierra Leone. Because Sierra leone is one of the places on the earth which have heaviest rainfalls altogether. And we are extra stable and the customers are extra happy with our services. We are growing very fast there and acquiring market. But this is from some point of view, it’s logical because we are almost without competition. So it’s really good.

Anita Mlakar: 14:58

Thank you very much Davor. Now Rok, 3air platform is essentially going to be solution for telecoms. You tell us a bit about your team experience in telecom management system, and how blockchain fits into it.

Rok Mihailovic Krpan: 15:15

Okay, so as Davor mentioned, Africa has a big problem with the whole infrastructure. So it has first on that part. And the second part is the problem in the actual payment infrastructure and the digital identity infrastructure. Because dealers have a problem. A lot of users don’t even have any means of identifying themselves, which is kind of mandatory if you want to get a telecom subscription or something. And the second big problem is that they have no real way of paying because customers like have a prepaid packages or something like this, and they have problems. They don’t have the banking system as advanced as the other first world countries in the world. So they need to go to actual shop of the telecom. They need to pay their. If they forgot something their internet is like immediately shut down without any notice or without any actual solution, actually paid.


So for the first part, what we can do, we can integrate the digital identities in the blockchain and integrate it with our telecom management solution. So the user has the full control over their identity. They can just go to the shop. Don’t have a problem. They can have a phone, have any other means of providing their digital identities to the company. They can use this identify to other telecoms, or even go to some other country and use it there, which solves one big part or problems. And the second problem is the payment thing, because, as I said, they don’t have as advanced banking system that we use in other parts of the world. So 3air platform would really help them solve the problem. So they can pay their bills on time. They have, some way of paying for everything.


And then there also comes the bandwidth sharing and the data sharing that we want to implement, which we can use, or they can use. Maybe they have a little bit of data over left. At the end of the month, they can share it to someone else. To the day, maybe they’re at work or somewhere they have free bandwidth available at home. So why don’t use this opportunity to share this bandwidth bit. Maybe someone that goes by on the street, or at home. Anybody that needs it. Maybe share it to their friends.

Anita Mlakar: 17:40

Yeah, it sounds great. This will change their lives. It will be a big difference.

Rok Mihailovic Krpan: 17:48

Yeah, everybody, we talked to it, it’s kind of level revolutionary to them. From the moment, they have no other way of doing this. As we see it, at the current state of the African everything, the actual blockchain and integration is the only thing that’s able to actually solve these problems.

Anita Mlakar: 18:10

Yes, so everybody’s welcoming this solution and this broadband internet in Africa. And I’m glad you went on and are doing this. So now a lot of people Rok, are asking how many developers are you currently leading in your team?

Rok Mihailovic Krpan: 18:28

At the moment, our team consists of 22 developers in different areas of development. Some are developers on the lower level. Some IoT infrastructure or hardware development. Then we have server and back end developers. We have a front end developers for the websites and mobile pages and mobile applications. So that’s it from our side.

Anita Mlakar: 18:55

Okay, thank you. It means a lot of people are actually in this project, so no concern about that. Sandi, is there something else you would like to ask Rok or Davor regarding their work and their field.

Sandi Bitenc: 19:09

Let’s maybe see if some community members have any questions for our technical guys. Davor, he’s really knowledgeable. I think he’s a bit scared about talking about the technology. I think we have really knowledgeable people in the community and they for sure want to know some other like nitty gritty details about how we actually do it. How is it possible to get this over air and how does this differ from the mobile solutions?

Davor Zic: 20:00

Actually, what we are doing, it’s completely different from the mobile world. In the mobile world, actually, mobile operators sell bandwidth to everybody. And doesn’t care on which base station you are connected to. When you need this bandwidth, what you are doing with it. In our technology, we know exactly for each user. Where he’s connected, how much bandwidth he will pull, and everything. And we can provide anytime about ever, we promise, we provide. So, our technology guarantees that even if there is a lot of users connected to our base stations, by the way. Our base stations can connect 17,000 people or even more. But we can provide what we promised them.


And in the mobile world there is a big difference. Because if there are only few people are connected to the base station, they will get bandwidth without any problem. If there is a high amount of people around this base station, the quality of transmission will degrade to this level that even simple WhatsApp message or something like this will not be delivered anymore. So we are absolutely not mobile and our technology, it’s meant for completely different world. We are providing fixed internet to households, to companies. And actually with the same level of services, you can get in New York, London, Paris, you can get it in some African city.

Sandi Bitenc: 22:01

There was also a question. I don’t know if you know the answer, but somebody asked that’s microwave is it like harmful for the health?

Davor Zic: 22:15

No, actually, there is a lot of studies done on the microwave. And on the power level that we are transmitting, which are limited in each country with regulations. They are absolutely not harmful. For example, we are broadcasting from our base stations, which are far away from any populated places. We are broadcasting with 15 bucks. And for example, when you pick up your mobile phone, it’s broadcasting near your ear. And there is all studies that are made until today say that there is no interference with human tissue on any level.

Sandi Bitenc: 23:03

That’s good to know.

Davor Zic: 23:05

And you must also know that the effects of radio emitting waves drops by square on a distance.

Sandi Bitenc: 23:19

Okay, there’s another question that you’re probably the best person to answer. And it was about our base station power consumption and how we tackle the issues that are coming up with the power supply in Africa.

Davor Zic: 23:37

Yeah, actually, this is a very good question. And it was a part of learning for us also. Because from Europe when we are developing equipmental electricity, we take for granted in Africa. It’s a completely different situation. So we managed to lower the needed electricity power for the base station. We are now around 600 watts per base station and we are having backup generators. Actually a pair of backup generators. And we are also having inverters, UPS, everything to provide similar electricity to the base station. But question is really good.

Sandi Bitenc: 24:35

So it’s working in Sierra Leone?

Davor Zic: 24:38

Yeah, of course.

Anita Mlakar: 24:41

Yeah, there is the question actually Prince is asking, but we have already answered this. Which of the country in Africa do people set. You have fixed your broadband and have it started working. That’s actually answered.

Davor Zic: 24:54

Operation in Sierra Leone started two years ago. We are growing rapidly and we are planning to expand further.

Anita Mlakar: 25:05

Thank you very much.

Sandi Bitenc: 25:07

Maybe another question for Rok. Rok is also guiding our presale app. How is this going?

Rok Mihailovic Krpan: 25:22

I think we are actually progressing really well. We already have blockchain integrations in place for the actual payments of the tokens and 3air. We also have an integration with our KYC providers and everything. So they’re expecting to have our internal alpha version ready in the next few days, just for us to see it and discuss the further development to be ready on time.

Sandi Bitenc: 25:57

So, we’re good to go on 26th. And I didn’t tell you yet, but I promise our guys that are in early, they’ll be able to do the KYC a few days upfront, just to give him a bit on advantage.

Rok Mihailovic Krpan: 26:16

Not a problem. I think we don’t have a problem with this. So we can have this.

Sandi Bitenc: 26:25

Okay, so here you go. You’ll be able to the ones that are in early will have an advantage and can do the KYC upfront. It’s good.

Anita Mlakar: 26:40

So everything is under control?

Rok Mihailovic Krpan: 26:44

Everything is going smoothly at the moment?

Sandi Bitenc: 26:49

Cool. I think we’ll be having you on for sure a few more times. So we’ll be talking a lot more when we start building in new countries and developing the platform further and so on. So thanks for being here.

Anita Mlakar: 27:09

Thank you very much Rok and Davor for being with us. It’s really nice to meet other members of the team. It was a pleasure. Enjoy the evening. And Sandi and me, we will be continuing this conversation. Asking some more questions from our community. So thank you very much for being with us.

Davor Zic: 27:27

Thank you very much.

Rok Mihailovic Krpan: 27:28

Thank you, bye.

Anita Mlakar: 27:31

Bye. Sandi, we will continue this. A lot of questions were being asked about you. So maybe we should speak a little bit more about you? Who is the man behind this great project? Now, what would you really want to tell about yourself? Do you want me to ask the questions? Or could you just do a short introduction?

Sandi Bitenc: 28:01

I wasn’t really ready for this. But well, I don’t mind sharing a bit of my life story. It’d begun very early with a few problems I had. So as a kid, I was really sick. I had asthma bronchitis. So even to the part that I was absent in primary school for more than half the time, and had to make everything up afterwards. And my first visit to the hospital was I think, when I was nine months old. So I spent a lot of my childhood in hospitals and so on. Somehow it mark my life. I wasn’t able to do a lot of sports. I was really bad at sports. So when we were in school, and we were picking teams for who wants to be in a team for basketball or football or whatever. I was always the last one standing there. Nobody wanted me. And everybody was always telling me you can do that and you can do this. And you’re sick, you shouldn’t do that. And so I was really kind of, okay, maybe I’m not capable of doing it. And that hold on to me for a long, long time. And actually, the first really important thing that I’ve done, where I was really good at was sports. I was always good in school. So let’s say like this, I was good in school.


But sports wise, I started diving when I was 20 years old. And I fell in love with free diving. And I don’t know if it was because of my asthma and bronchitis I was really good at holding my breath. So I started a local club for free diving. I was probably one of the first ones in that space worldwide, doing some research and some crazy stuffs around that. So also started competing in our national championships, and I was part of the world championships. And actually, at one point in time, I decided I want to do a world record. So I’ve done a world record at still stands. I was free diving in a pool 50 meter long from one side to the other for 24 hours. And I made the 51 kilometers and 100 meters underwater in 24 hours. That’s kind of empowering for yourself in the end. And then you start believing in yourself and then things start moving. You just do the things afterwards that you weren’t able to do before. But nothing else change everything just changed in your head. It’s like this.


And also through this I kind of healed myself. I don’t have a problem with asthma. I don’t have a problem with bronchitis. I changed my diet. I started working out a lot and so. I then done a few courses and also some really in depth studies with people that have very big names in functional medicine. So I’ve been a functional medicine practitioner since 10 years now. But laid that a bit off lately just because of the crypto space that pulled me in back again. My love is always computer since I was a child. My first computer was when I was six years old. I got a Commodore 64. Since then I’m in love with computers. I always break them, but always fix them afterwards.


That’s kind of my story. And I always try to get the people the empowering that I got somehow out of it. Just to to believe in themselves. To give them the tools that they can shine and make great things.

Anita Mlakar: 33:21

Yeah, inspiring story. You know, if we want to we can do anything. And this is really what you actually did just another thing, Sandy, young Slovenia, originally, but you are now living in Dubai. Right? Why the change?

Sandi Bitenc: 33:40

Well, it came naturally. I was always drawn somewhere outside to another place, to explore, adventure. That was always something that I wanted to do. And I always had the chance, let’s say like this, but I never had the support. So I didn’t want to do it alone. I was always even in a relationship or something like that. And for instance, I wouldn’t risk a relationship for moving somewhere else. But it was always my dream and this time it happened. It happened during the corona times. Me and my girlfriend Petra, we got stuck in Phuket. And we were there for five months. And then you see that it is possible and we both saw that it’s possible. And then we were traveling also afterwards when we came home. We again went traveling and we can visit some friends here in Dubai. And then we just liked it so much that we stayed. We never went home anymore. So it was like a vacation that got extended and extended. Like in the hotel that we were saying. Every Monday we were coming down and they were already smiling in us. And it was like extension. And we’re sure Yeah. So we were like extending and extending. And then we said let’s just take an apartment here. So we had an apartment, done the residency and everything. So this is how it happened.

Anita Mlakar: 35:25

It’s really brave, just changing the place because Slovenia is also beautiful country.

Sandi Bitenc: 35:31

Slovenia is really beautiful. It’s amazingly beautiful. Now, I always tell to everybody that I meet, and a lot of people don’t know Slovenia. But there are so many really beautiful places there. But to be honest, in regards to doing business, it’s not the best place to be. You need to be a magician in Slovenia, if you want to be really big successful. It’s an economy of 2 million people. It’s really hard to do. So in Dubai, when we started a bit talking to people, just the business opportunities started popping up. And that was a big, big difference. And the community support here, it’s different. I don’t know how to explain you. I love going back to Slovenia. And for sure I miss the nature there and the beautiful landscape and everything. But here, it’s magical.

Anita Mlakar: 36:44

Yeah, I believe you, but I will be there, just to make sure. When did this happen that you discovered, you would like to change the story in Africa? Or the history in Africa, in a way?

Sandi Bitenc: 37:09

Can you repeat the question, please?

Anita Mlakar: 37:11

Yeah. When did you realize that you would like to do something or change the story in Africa?

Sandi Bitenc: 37:22

I was always trying to help people. And that’s why I went into functional medicine actually. And I helped a lot of people. I helped them make really big life changing changes to their health, even to people that were from the doctor said, there’s no help for you. And I really liked that. But it’s helping one people and one people. I always wanted to do a bigger impact. So, it was many things all together. And I visited Africa and it’s really tough to see what’s going on there. When you compare it to Europe. Even worse, if you compare it to Dubai.

Sandi Bitenc: 38:23

Coming back to Dubai from Africa, is like, I really feel guilty. And I think everybody should go and visit a few of the places that they don’t have it as good as we have it. Because I see so many people complaining here in Europe and wherever I go and they have everything. And they’re still complaining. And you go to Africa, nobody’s really complaining to be honest. They’re happier than we are.

Sandi Bitenc: 38:56

And I’m also a techie. I like to have my computer everywhere with me and I need to be connected on every step and that was kind of a challenging in Africa. Then speaking to some people. I know that it’s going to be a big change to the people if they can get to the same level of connectivity or even the half the connectivity that we have. It’s going to be a game changer that I know. It’s incredible what what it can do. And how much passion those people have. And just enabling them to do, to be included in the global economy. It’s really, really big for me. And on the other side, I know the people that are developing the technology that can bring this connectivity to Africa since years. And I am not in the blockchain for really long. So I’m there for a few years. And I just connected the dots at one point. Confronted the guys, let’s do it may be like this. Let’s try it and we’re here.

Anita Mlakar: 40:18

And now you’re on it. And that’s great. Thank you for having us know a little more about you. It’s always good to hear this stuff. We are all people, we all have our stories. We have reasons why we started something or doing something. It’s good to know, what your story was. So thank you, Sandi for sharing it with us. Now if we go back to the community and to the questions that were being asked in our community during the week today, and are also being asked right now. So we had a couple of questions, I will just pull one of it. 3air considered doing an ISPO initial stake pool offering, it would widen the number of investors without the need of KYC?

Sandi Bitenc: 41:08

Yeah, everybody’s scared about the KYC. And it is a problem right now. Because I think that the governments are being too harsh on it. But for sure, on the other hand, there’s so many scams. We did think about it. So our main problem with this type of lounging is that we need the investment up front. So if we want to open up a country, we need the 8, 10 million upfront, if we want to open it up and cover it with network. And then we need another 5, a few months later. Just to have everything in stock, and so on. So that’s why it’s a bit of a problem doing it that way. Because how we get the capital there is month by month, like bit by bit. And that’s not what we need right now to be able to expand as fast as possible. But we are thinking, maybe we’ll do something in between. So for sure we’ll be doing our launch it as this. But maybe we’ll open up our own staking pool. And if people would like to stake we could potentially distribute some free tokens to the people that are staking there. But it’s an idea that actually came from a community member like a few hours before our AMA today. So I cannot say we are doing it or we are not doing it. So if I would need to say if we are doing it or not, I would say no. But it’s not something that we would say right that we will or will not do. It might come up in the future. Let’s see how the community, if they really wanted, and if it’s possible for us to do. I think there are a few ways that we could somehow do something in between. But this is for sure going to be a an idea as we planned it. And that’s going to be on top of it if we decide to do it.

Anita Mlakar: 43:29

Okay, here’s another one. Although world mobile is in direct competition, if a consumer has a choice between 3air and WMT, what is 3air’s value proposition especially if the cost is higher?

Sandi Bitenc: 43:47

You cannot compare what we are offering and also not price wise. It’s going to be such a huge difference price wise. So we are offering dedicated speeds. We are offering really high quality internet. And I don’t even think that we are going to come across people that would be able to decide between one and the other. Because we are focusing right now on big cities. World mobile, they’re focusing right now mostly on rural areas. So it’s going to be at least five years if not more before we somehow come into the same space. And that we would be able to talk to the same customer. But for sure what we are offering is high quality connection. That’s stable. That’s ultra-fast. We are offering additional TV services. So we have HD quality TV channel DVDs, digital channels, at least 150. It depends on the country how many we can bring. And the other is IP telephony. And with a lot of the services that we are providing we are talking not only to retail but to big institutions, to companies, to bank, schools, such people and entities. So, it’s like asking somebody in the developed world. So you have a mobile and you have a mobile connection. But at home, you always have a cable connection also. It’s, the level of service that you have on your cable connection that we are actually providing. So this is our added value.

Anita Mlakar: 46:01

Okay, Joseph has asked the question, how this 3air plan to bring the project to the attention of the crypto markets? Do you have any plans for marketing, etc?

Sandi Bitenc: 46:13

Marketing is the thing that’s on my mind all the time right now. I didn’t think about it so much before, we did do a marketing strategy with a prominent company from the crypto space. So the plans are big. We set aside actually half a million just for marketing. So I think that first things are already starting to show. We are growing in numbers. And I’m pretty sure that within a week, we’ll have 3000 or 4000 people probably in the telegram channel and Twitter even more probably. So, we are going into some press releases. As I said, we are right now trying to get into the center Miami, that’s going to be probably one of the biggest events out there. And we will be present in a few events here in Dubai. So Brave ads are running, Twitter ads are running. We’ll be on some AMA channels. We got some influencers in. There’s so many things are right now cooking in our marketing department. But maybe I will bring Ruba, our marketing specialists on a call and she can answer the questions a bit more in depth. I just know that a lot is happening and I see the movements. We’re still waiting a bit to pull the trigger just at the right time before the public sale starts.

Anita Mlakar: 48:12

Okay. Yan asked, I’m wondering why quiet amount for participating in private sale is so high. For example, kicks are asked only $10,000?

Sandi Bitenc: 48:26

We just said we are having a big public round. And we really didn’t make a big difference in price from the private to the public. So the last private actually is five cents and the public is six cents. So I don’t think that you can find another project that has so little difference between the public and the private. So everybody will be able to go into the public sale and there we have only $600, the minimum ticket. But and the majority is actually intended for the public. So it’s like three or four times more than for the private. But the private is intended for private investor. So for institutions don’t come in and give you 10k. And we want to have this space reserved for the institutions that can bring maybe also some other stuffs to the table. Like some advisory. We have some advisory going on. Now there are always advisors in there that are not always public and so on. They talk to each other and they bring in another VC funding. So that’s why we structure it like that. So it’s in tensional. It’s for bigger investors. It’s intended for bigger investors and I really think that our structure is one of the best ones out right now for the public. It’s going to be hard if you go in and look how everybody else has their cells structured in regards to the community, as we have. And also the price, I think that we are not here to become billionaires or something like that. And we really want to share a lot with our community. We want to help and that’s why the price is set as low as it is. If you compare similar project to ours, so we have like a billion tokens out and the price is six cents. I think that’s for comparison to other similar project is probably going to be one quarter of the price, of the presale price that you will be paying or even less.

Anita Mlakar: 51:08

Okay, now Andrew is wondering, is there a YouTube video on how to participate in the token and presale?

Sandi Bitenc: 51:17

No, it’s not yet out. So we’ll be providing that one. But it’s still a few days till then. The public sale starts on the 26th. And by the 26th we will have that ready. But it’s not yet ready because we do have the app ready but not fully designed and not fully polished. And we cannot film it on something that’s not been published yet and polished. And might also bits change. So we are working out the details and once a details are done. And we are ready to start the public sale. We’ll also have the videos out.

Anita Mlakar: 52:03

Okay, can someone be an ambassador of 3air?

Sandi Bitenc: 52:08

For sure. If you want to be an ambassador, I think the best one is to contact us at on telegram. So contact one of the admins and they’ll ask you some questions probably. And then they’ll provide you with some instructions and so on. But we don’t have it fully worked out yet. There are no ambassadors yet. But yeah, it is a plan and we are planning to do it in the next few days.

Anita Mlakar: 52:46

Okay, Nico has a question. You said you have a working tech, is there any working install versus proof of concept or something?

Sandi Bitenc: 52:57

It is. So the tech is out in 9 countries already. And Davor has told you about our Sierra Leone project. There are two base stations there. And with the two base stations, we are actually covering all of Freetown. So everybody is free to fly into Sierra Leone looking for themselves. There are a few videos on YouTubes. You can see how it’s looking. If you fly to Sierra Leone, just let me know. I’ll hook you up with some of our managers there and they’ll show you around a bit. But I think that let’s see, is Davor still here. Davor can tell you a bit and maybe he even promises us to send us some pictures. People want prove that we’ve done it.

Davor Zic: 53:58

We are very proud to show the proof. And there was a question about user base. User base, it’s now a few 1000 strong and it’s growing from day to day. So as you mentioned before, they’re more than welcome to came to Sierra Leone. Our management team will be more than happy to show them all.

Sandi Bitenc: 54:23

Perfect. Will you be able to send us some photos maybe?

Davor Zic: 54:27

Yeah. Of course.

Sandi Bitenc: 54:30

Let’s see. Then we’ll provide you with some photos also on the telegram group.

Anita Mlakar: 54:39

Thank you Davor. We have a few more minutes because we said we will stick to an hour in this AMA. So how do you solve the electricity problem is the next question for both of you.

Sandi Bitenc: 54:52

We actually answered that one before today, already?

Anita Mlakar: 54:56

Yeah, also in telegram so no need to repeat that.

Sandi Bitenc: 55:03

Davor told everything, so you just rewind a bit, and you’ll hear the answer to that question.

Anita Mlakar: 55:10

Okay, now just to check a little bit about the questions that are being asked right now, during this live AMA. And there is a question from Asik, asking about JOHN O’CONNOR being involved in 3air. So maybe just a word or two, because you were already terrifying this. Sandi, could you answer a little bit about that?

Sandi Bitenc: 55:32

Yeah. John is a dear friend. So I have known him for a long time. And he’s very well aware of the project. And we talked in length about him. He helped us quite a lot, all the time. Up until a few days ago, where he said, Just look, guys, I cannot do it. I just can’t, it’s impossible. And he also made a statement there in our telegram channel. Whoever wants to contact him directly, and he’ll tell you himself what he thinks about the project. But he’s very well aware, that Noval is actually in our telegram group. He sees everything. So if we would talk something that’s not true, or something like that, believe me that HK and both of them would be telling that out loud.

Anita Mlakar: 56:31

Okay, so we have clarify this. Prince Steady has a question. And he said, you said in your white paper that very soon you will come to Nigeria. Have you concluded the Nigeria government and have gotten all the licenses required?

Sandi Bitenc: 56:48

Davor, you take this one?

Davor Zic: 56:51

Yeah, actually, for Nigeria, a lot of teams are prepared. We obtained the ISP license. We also have reserved frequency for operation. So a lot of things were made on the ground.

Anita Mlakar: 57:08

Okay, thank you. I think this will be the last question. Will there be a point where the US investors can participate in the near future? Because, they’re excluded right now. Because of the clarity of DC.

Sandi Bitenc: 57:26

I think you need to post this question to the SEC, or to Gary Gensler. I think he’s running it right now. But in the private, a US accredited investors can participate in the private rounds, but not in the public ones. So for the public ones not. But once it’s on the decks, it’s out of our control. So we cannot say if we put it on an exchange, and you can register on an exchange or if it’s on the decks. And you can access the decks. We cannot say you are not allowed to participate in it or buy it. Then it’s up to everybody to decide for themselves.

Anita Mlakar: 58:11

Okay, now, we have answered most of the questions. Some haven’t made. But they were also I think, already answered to the telegram community. And I think it’s almost time to say goodbye for this AMA, because we have been together for an hour. Time just flies by when we talk about this project. So, there’s an invitation at the end that you should join or check about 3air. And this is about internet page where you can seek for more information. Then we have also a telegram community and you can join this community. We already have 600 Members. During this time we have already gained 600. It was 598, I think in the middle. So it’s really growing fast. You can also follow us on Twitter. And of course, subscribe to the YouTube channel. If you’re not subscribed yet. You can ask your friends to join if they’re interesting about this subject. And there are so many ways to participate, to communicate with us. And we are really looking forward to that. Is there something else that the two of you would like to add at the end?

Sandi Bitenc: 59:30

That’s it for this time. Let’s stay below an hour. And I’m really happy to do this and looking forward to next week.

Anita Mlakar: 59:41

Thank you very much. Stay tuned. Thank you. Bye.