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Meet the Team: Sandi Bitenc, CEO


3air Team: Sandi Bitenc

About Sandi Bitenc

Sandi Bitenc’s love for technology began at the early age of 6. As a young kid, Bitenc used to get sick frequently and still hadn’t discovered his talent for sports, so when he got his first computer - a Commodore - he was immediately hooked.

Since then, our CEO began spending most of his free time around computers, and despite ending up choosing Economics as his business degree, Sandi was always linked to different projects where he could grow his computer skills, having even delved into software development at one point.

By 1999, at only 19 years old, Sandi Bitenc started his first enterprise - a hosting and domain registration company that later developed into the biggest in the Adriatic region and evolved into a proficient software development and marketing agency.

Sports and Medicine

While still working on computer-related ventures, Sandi started getting deeply involved with sports - something he had missed in his childhood -, owned a Gym, and invested in his education to become a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner so he could bring to others the benefits functional medicine had brought to him.

Additionally, Sandi Bitenc attempted a Guinness World Record in 24-hour apnea freediving where he proved to be relentless in its pursuits - and remains the world record holder with 55,100m!

Stepping into Crypto

Ever since Bitenc heard about crypto and the blockchain, he became amazed by the technology and its applications and began studying it and trying to learn everything about it. His first experience with blockchain technology was in a gaming-related company where he needed to use Bitcoin to pay for fees. Sandi quickly realized he still had much to learn about the industry, started reading all about blockchain and got hooked on the idea of a financial revolution presented in the Bitcoin Whitepaper.

He immediately started learning about how blockchain technology works and with his background in economics got himself involved with a few well performing startups. He’s currently running multiple validator nodes and is invested in more than a dozen crypto projects.

He entered the NFT and Gaming space in early 2020. He likes to analyze projects and advise projects, especially on their tokenomics and strategic planning. Thanks to his increasing knowledge, he kept on getting approached by different projects to help with tokenomics and planning. In 2021, Sandi Bitenc finally decided to take on the lead role in 3air, a company he thinks will have a great impact on the world.

His main advantage in the crypto space is the in-depth understanding of the blockchain technology, development and leadership experience and his extensive economics background. That helps him to have a high level overview that not many in the space possess.

“It is not enough to have a good product and good developers for a successful project. The token reacts on similar principles as a whole macroeconomy. In a sense you could say running a successful crypto project includes almost all the aspects of running a government of a country, just on a smaller scale.”


The love for traveling took Sandi to dozens of locations across the world, but in Africa, he was deeply impacted by how connectivity is still such a big issue - even when compared to other underdeveloped regions. With 3air, he wants to take high-speed, stable Internet to Africa and, step by step, help its communities develop.

Sandi believes that our blockchain technology will improve data collection and stimulate many sectors in those countries - such as health, education, or financing - as it already began in Sierra Leone and Nigeria.